Monday, July 7, 2014

#Cartoon NEWS! Mighty Number 9 cartoon! Whaaaaat???

While I'm still waiting for my copy of Mighty No. 9 - like all of us - Comcept just announced there will be an animated series as well!

And Mega Man creatore Keiji Inafune announced another second crowdfunding campaign to add many more extra features to the game not previously announced for Mighty No. 9! Woah! Is it only me or are they getting kind of crazy with this whole game project!?

I mea I've been supporting it and on board since day 1 - he's Mega Man's creator after all! But before announcing a cartoon series can't we just see how well the game will fare first? See if it even warrants such?


Here's the teaser trailer for the cartoon which was already confirmed to be about 21 episodes long of ~20 minutes:

Oh, and it's CGi and all the more "Mega Man"-ysh presented like this..


  1. Well, the guy has a solid résumé, so him doing a second crowd funded project for the same thing I have no problem with, compared to somebody who has yet to get something out yet.

    1. I'm just surprised by the cartoon, 'is all! XD

      I mean... a cartoon! Woah! Games used to get those once turned into franchises/getting at least 1 sequel. Times moves so fast these days (aka "marketing" is more important than the results)

      Anyway, I'm all for more Mighty no 9, that's not like giving money to Capcom for mistreating Mega man these last few years, that's simply supporting its original creator!