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RR Kevin Hart - Seriously Funny

Short, but hilarious. Kinda like Kevin Hart himself.

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Title: Seriously Funny 
Comedian Kevin Hart 
Release date 2010
Genre Stand-up Comedy album

A seriously funny actor and comedian, Kevin Hart began his career performing in several clubs before he was finally cast on Judd Apatow's TV series Undeclared. After that he began popping up all over the play in a lot of minor but memorable funny roles on several films.

Kevin Hart finally attained some huge audience and popularity thanks his youtube channel, place where he uploaded several bits of his act. Most people really discovered him thanks to his great channel.

He originally started his stand-up career mostly imitating other comedians, such as Chris Tucker. But he finally found his own style. Which mostly revolves around his own life experiences, his childhood and family. Talking openly about his insecurities. Despite not a particularly "manly man", due to his somewhat short height, he's a very relatable guy.

He has gone declaring his biggest influences to be the great Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and also Dave Chappelle.

His first stand-up comedy tour was "I'm a Grown Little Man" in 2009.

His second tour "Seriously Funny" was made in 2010, through Comedy Central. It was released as both a comedy album and on DVD.

Seriously Funny starts on a pretty strong hilarious first half.

Kevin Hart starts the special by focusing on family. His kids, being a young father, reminiscing about his own childhood and that time he got to curse at the teacher. Next up his one of his biggest fears. Then he follows with raising teenagers, and a pretty funny story about a friend's daughter and that friend finding a phone, errr, "situation".

He then talks about this ex-con thug uncle story.

Next he goes on about not being homophobic, and talks about not wanting to "look gay" (which he kinda admits he does...). Next up is a bit about women and anger, wanting to be fun, and whatever goes on when they leave the house for the evening - what men really do during that time off...

Some other bits about storming out. And sex. And finally the closer, a road story about that time he almost got caught in a bar fight and what his long-time friend and bodyguard had to do to get him out of there.

There's some light adult language. Overall it's a pretty strong stand-up special.

Some of his bit perhaps work better as a video, but anyway it's a very enjoyable humor. As such I would really recommend getting the video/DVD for his little (cut) imitation segments, what Shaq falling down looks like... Some of his relation ship material is kinda classic.

Anyway, it's a great show! Kevin Hart won several awards for his stand-up comedy.

Overall, a pretty good stand-up comedy album, Recommended!

Personally I'm a big Kevin Hart fan (no pun intended). He's one of the funniest and most hilarious new comedians of this generation.

This album is very funny.

Since then he's released several more comedy tour albums, but this one still remains one of my all-time favorite of his, the first one through which I discovered his act.

Including "Laugh At My Pain" in 2011 and the one-man show "Let Me Explain" in 2013

A comedy sitcom is apparently planned for next season on ABC, which will be based on Kevin Hart's own stand-up comedy (while Kevin Hart himself is supposedly not scheduled to starring in, too bad...)

I give it:

2.5 / 3 Urkels!

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