Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#SDCC News! Leaked Deadpool footage! in HD! [UPDATED!]


Watch this leaked Test Footage of the would be Deadpool movie before Fox takes it down as well! [Warning: Video auto-plays!!]

Rob Liefeld already confirmed it. This is the test footage the potential film director (and visual effects specialist) Tim Miller did to show to the execs at 20th Century Fox!

Not sure if this would be based on the screenplay Robert Rodriguez wrote back in 2010...

It's not live action - because that would be way too expensive! - but in CGi using a model pretty close to last year's Deadpool game. And it features Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Deadpool!

Check it out: Update! The footage has been finally officially uploaded in HD!

Deadpool Test Footage in HD par itsartmag

...it... actually sounds pretty decent to much surprise!

He's kinda half-bored, but I suspect RR is not that great of a voice actor to begin with.

Looks nice! I could see this working a lot better than the actual Wolverine spin-off films!

Although I still doubt they're ever going be make it for real.. If anything, aside the whole R-Rated X-Men spinoff angle and the meta aspect which might detract the mainstream movie goers, just the fact they would basically be hiring Ryan Reynolds, a well known popular famous actor, to be entirely covered up the whole movie...

Sure, Reynolds himself might be up to it no doubt, but I doubt the studio would be so kin on the idea...

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