Monday, July 28, 2014

#Zelda NEWS! a bunch of Hyrule Warriors trailer

It's been far too long since I last posted any trailer from KoeiTecmo's Hyrule Warriors. I kept a fairly close eye on it, but just didn't figure I had to really say much about it.

Sure it looks like any previous Dynasty Warriors game, with a Zelda skin. But you have to admit the "Zelda skin" is the game's best selling point. Plus it's nice to have all these classic Zelda character in one big package.

Here's a couple of my favorite trailers/reveals:

This is starting to look more and more like a game where nobody will even actually play with Link!


The game is also slated to feature some alternate DLC costumes and the following have already been announced:

It's a nice way to "include" more characters, without giving them proper character slots. They will simply share the same gameplay anyhow!

Now, despite Hyrule Warriors shaping like a pretty fun game, there's still a couple of details I would love to see.

First, and the most probable thing I'm going to write here, is Tingle. Why haven't they announced Tingle already? He's a long-running staple of the franchise! And he really seems to be missing so far - specially since they already put so many familiar faces, some that even only appeared once prior to this game. And Tingle's the only Zelda character so far to even had a couple of spin-offs!!

Secondly, while I would really honestly love to see Zelda 1 or 2's interpretation of Link finally brought to a game like their original concept art...

... I doubt they will ever be going as far as to finally offer us these classic Links in full 3D... Yeah, Nintendo's been ignoring the original iterations of Link and Zelda for so many years now. Just look at every single new game since then. Link nowadays (besides a few exceptions) is always represented blond. And most of the times based on Ocarina of Time, with a few minor aesthetic changes.

They're not going back to the short brow-haired dwarf/elf hero any time soon.

But you know what would be the next best thing? (and like I said above, I doubt this will ever happen, but one can dream, right?)

Animated Series!Link!!!

It's the next best thing after the classic Link! And would be a huge nostalgic throwback for older fans!

Come on! Excuuuuuse me, KoeiTecmo! But that would be a brilliant move and my #1 request for the game!

Scratch that, you know what? While at it, add in Animated Series!Zelda as well, she actually kicked ass!!

(I doubt we're ever getting any of those, but you can at least count on Tingle I suppose)

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