Monday, August 25, 2014

#Blog - Hey Eyz! Whatcha gonna watch this season? [2014-15 Edition!]

It's that time of the year, again, time for another TV Season recap!

I'm finding myself watching less and less TV shows lately. Lots of my favorite series have ended (on their own terms... or way too early!).

And strangely I finally noticed it seems I'm watching as much (or more?) cartoons nowadays as actual live action drama.

Good thing, bad thing. I don't really care. As long as it's fun, entertaining and enjoyable~

And people said Cartoon Network is dead nowadays... sigh...

Without further ado, here's my selection for this TV Season 2014-15!
Let's start with a couple of new stuff, then big A-list TV drama and move to some genre shows, before coming back to cartoons at the end. I still can't believe Warehouse 13 and Psych are over... sigh...

One of my favorite Terry Gilliam films, 12 Monkeys, is about to get adapted into a SyFy show. Might be... err.. worth a look at least. From the people who brought you Terra Nova.... oh, no... Can't say I'm that motivated for this whole thing... It will start in January 2015.

This sounds like the best new pitch to come from upcoming shows in ages! It follows... the last human on Earth in 2022! And it's a comedy! It will start on Fox in 2015.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
This could be fun. t's a new show from the people behind 30 Rock (Tina Fey and Robert Carlock - Yay!), starring the always funny and lovely Ellie Kemper (double-Yay!!!) It's slated for spring 2015.

This is yet another new attempt of a new sitcom starring Matthew Perry. Poor guy, all of his would be-shows have been canceled so quickly in the last few years. I liked Go On and Mr. Sunshine... Anyways, hopefully this 2015 show lasts longer...

Let's start with one of my most expected new shows. The Flash will be a new show on the CW, a spin-off from the generally decent Arrow. A new Flash TV show? Sign me in! The pilot looked great, I can't wait for the actual series! This one will start on Oct. 7.

Speaking of, Arrow will be back on Oct. 8! While I've never been much of the soap opera element - CW oblige - I have to admit the show's been increasingly getting better and better over the time. If Deathstroke's any example to go by, their adaptation of Ra's Al Guhl this season might beat Nolan's take in Batman Begins!

Warner Bros. might be kinda behind Marvel in terms of getting DC Comics proprieties on the big screen, but they've always been on step on top when it comes to TV. Be it all their animated projects over the years or more recently the sheer number of characters they're willing to give a try on the small screen. Just have a look at the countless live action Superman shows! Anyways, this Vertigo Comics hero is about to debut on NBC on Oct. 24. Let's hope it turns better than the last Keanu Reeves feature film.

Personally I'm not really interested in this one, so I'll be skipping it. But in case you want to know, this one will start on September 22. It seemed intriguing when it looked like they were going to make a Gotham Central show following Commissioner Gordon & co. But since it transformed into the adventures of young Bruce Wayne, and a zillion Bat-villains before there was a Batman... I kinda lost interest!

A cult favorite Mike Allred series, another favorite of mine, is also about to get the TV treatment. Nobody expected it, but there it is! But I'm fearing this CW take on iZOMBIE. They changed way too much of the pitch perfect original synopsis. Originally a comedy/fantasy title about an half-zombie girl who works as a gravedigger where she can feast on deceased's brains and slowly learn about her city/the people/how the supernatural entities work. Here it will be a teen drama/crime procedural about an half-zombie girl working as a coroner at a police station, helping resolve weekly murders.

Joss Whedon & co are about to release yet another Marvel show/spinoff. In the form of Marvel's Agent Carter, which will feature the characters last seen in Captain America and Iron Man 2 -Peggy Carter and Howard Stark! The premise sounds kinda sketchy, but I'm willing to give it a try. It will follow the beginning of SHIELD in the 1950s. I guess we can get another genre show, seriously lacking nowadays. It starts early next year, in January.

Speaking of, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D will return soon for a Season 2! I almost didn't believe it, despite the huge following of the movies. This new season will pick up following the epic shake-up of the fictional Marvel Cinematic Universe after Winter Soldier. It starts on September 23.

Another Marvel show. The first of the expected Marvel/Netflix original series will be Marvel's Daredevil. Can't wait to see a better take on the Man without Fear. All episodes will be released in May 2015.

The second season of the Brian K. Vaughan/Steven Spielberg/Stephen King series is still going on strong. I mean, it's pretty ok. Often quite non-sensical, but it's fun! Really! Anyway, the Season 2 finale will air soon on September 22.

Guillermo del Toro's first novel was made into a TV series! It's an horror drama about vampire, and it apparently is better than it sounds - I have yet to check it out. The Strain just started on FX, with del Toro heavily involved with the direction and writing. A second season is already planned!

Series 8 just started Saturday! It's a great starting point for newcomers, don't miss out what might be one of the best new series of the show in ages!

Cult favorite Castle will return on Sept. 29. The ratings on this one have only been getting bigger and bigger, somehow! I still love the show very much, and can't wait for more!

There's currently talks about a Derrick Storm spinoff series. That's right! All the multimedia following Castle (the in-story books, novellas and graphic novels) have been selling so well, even getting high praise from the press that there's now talks about giving the fictional Derrick Storm his own show. I guess Nathan Fillion won't be starring in this one (specially if they go show within a show on Castle...)

I really kinda lost interest in Person of Interest. Season 4 will start on Sep 23 for those who still follow the show or want to check it out.

AMC's The Walking Dead is expected to come back for its 5th Season just in time for Halloween, on October 12.

Thanks to the huge success of this zombie show, we can expect a ton of zombie-themed shows to start invading TV show. AMC also announced a companion series to feature a different cast of characters taking place in the same universe, expected to debut next year in 2015.

Here's one better example. Z Nation is SyFy's own attempt to cash in the zombie crave at the moment. It looks like a poor cheap Walking Dead knock-off, but lighter. It could also turn out surprising fun. Maybe. It stars a ton of random obscure actors you might recognize from other stuff. It starts Sept. 12.

The nerdy trendy HBO series Silicon Valley has been renewed for a second Season, but no date for now.

Parks and Recreation's 7th Season will be the last, following the softly scifi-ysh finale last year (the show will now take place in 2017!!!). And it will only consist of 13 episodes. No date for now.

The best new show to come out last year was without a doubt Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Fox. The second will start on September 28, on a new timeslot immediately following the Simpsons. And it can't arrive soon enough!

Louis C.K.'s Louie is expected to return on FX for a short 7-episode 5th Season in spring 2015!

John Mulaney's Mulaney (yeah... really?) sitcom will start on Fox on Oct. 5. Since he's a huge Seinfeld fan (Oh, I SEE what he did there!!), I'm expected a bland Seinfeld-clone, with stand-up bits inserted here and there, quirky characters and plots about nothing as well. Let's hope these low expectations are blown away by how truly hilarious it will be. Hopefully...

 Despite an unjust early cancellation, Stephen Merchant's Hello Ladies is expected to come back some time late this year, for one finale! To wrap up the show with a special! (like other Merchant/Ricky Gervais UK shows!)

While no new Idiot Abroad or The Moaning of Life scheduled for now, you can still see Karl Pilkington back with Ricky Gervais on the comedy/drama Derek. The second series just finished airing in the UK and is expected in the rest of the world soon. And Gervais is apparently already working on a 3 Series, which might turn into a final Special depending on the script.

Dan Harmon's Community has now become a web-exclusive! After the NBC cancellation, the show found a new home at Yahoo!. A 13-episode 6th Season is expected for late 2014.

Harmon's own cartoon, Rick and Morty, is also expected to come back on Adult Swim, also sometime late 2014 (or early 2015?).

The new Looney Tunes cartoon - a return to episodic shorts - is expected for sometime in 2015.

The new upcoming Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! doesn't look that great from the concept art alone. And the repeated use of the word "hipster" by Warner Bros. execs doesn't give me much hope.. I preferred the much darker and return to roots Mystery Inc.... Anyway, this dumber Nickelodeon-style Scooby-Doo series is also planned for 2015.

After two very long non-stop seasons aired back to back on Cartoon Network, Adventure Time has been now finally taking a little break. The remaining episodes of Season 6 are expected soon while no date was given for Season 7.

Pendleton Ward's web-only cartoon will continue onto a Season 3 expected to start as early as September 4, still released through the youtube channel Cartoon Hangover. Can't wait for more Bravest Warriors, I love this cartoon! It's like the perfect blend between Adventure Time and Futurama!

J. G. Quintel's Regular Show has been getting better and better reception lately, CN has even already greenlighted a Season 6 for this fall AND a Season 7 for next year in advance!!

I love the overall silliness and dark humor tone of Teen Titans Go! The show is currently still running its 2nd season.

Steven Universe is expected to join now the cartoon block alongside Adventure Time and Regular Show, which I expect to be a much better time slot for it. The show deserves a much bigger audience and attention from the public!

Another new CN show. Clarence really surprised me. I thought it was just gonna be another random very stupid childish show. Turns out... it really is another random very stupid childish show, but it's also very funny and pretty darn good! The original 13 episodes have been extended for a 25 first Season, also airing alongside the other CN cartoons above!

Following the CGi special, an actual on-going TV reboot is planned for 2016!

There's still no confirmation if either AJ's Infinite Summer or Long Live the Royals will be getting made into full series on Cartoon Network. Both made by Regular Show staff. Come on, CN! Those two had excellent premises for new cartoons! Make that happen!!

Gravity Falls' second season has just started! And it's off to a very good start if you ask me! Easily the best modern Disney cartoon in ages!! I hope Disney doesn't cancel it anytime soon...

And shortly behind, is probably this new Mickey Mouse cartoon. Both having modern high quality production values and a very charming retro-ysh overall aesthetic. Season 2 is currently on hiatus, but will resume on Sep. 26.

TMNT (2012)
Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are expected to come back on Sep 12. A 3rd and 4th Season were already ordered, with Seth Green taking over the voice of Leonardo!

Big fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy like me? Seems like the movie hype put the comic back on the map. And following a feature film, an animated series is currently in the works!

The Dark Knight is expected to come back to TV just in time for the new Warner Bros. film. Titled Batman Unlimited, it will be a return to 2D animation following the quick cancellation of Beware the Batman.

This year The Simpsons will go over the original planned benchmark 25 Seasons, and start Season 26! Who imagined that when it originally started back in the early 1990s? I'm all for more Simpsons, since some of the current last Seasons have been better than the ones we got like 5-7 years ago. It will start this Sep. 28. This season will also feature the ultimate crossover everyone asked for, a Simpsons/Futurama crossover on Nob. 9! (Sure, I would prefer more Futurama over more Simpsons at this point, but you have to take what you can!)

Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer's cult series The Venture Bros. is once more in hiatus at the moment. Those guys love to take their sweet time producing more episodes, but from such high quality episodes I can always wait a year or more. The first episode of Season Six, originally planned to be an hour long special finale for the last one, is expected for 2015. There's already a press release summary: "Join the Ventures—and pretty much everyone they’ve ever crossed paths with—as they rocket to the Gargantua-2 space station for an epic, hour-long adventure that will change the Ventureverse as we know it forever!"

The Mike Tyson/Adult Swim/Scooby Doo parody is expected to start later this year. Finally something to take my mind of the Venture Bros. in the meantime!

Season 7 just ended, an 8th Season is also rumored, but nothing confirmed for now.

Before the release of the new films trilogy, Disney will make its first impressions on the Star Wars franchise with the Clone Wars replacement, Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD. The show is expected to start on Oct 13, but an early special preview will be given on the Disney Channel on Oct. 3.

The new Sonic character - CGi for the very first time outside the games! - will start this October on Cartoon Network! Despite the ugly redesigns and the somewhat lackluster videogame tie-in, I'm honestly actually looking forward to this!

I've been a huge fan of Keiji Inafune for years, and been following closely his Mega Man-like project, Mighty No. 9 since the beginning. Apparently the fanbase established and following's been so huge - before the actual game release! - that a TV series has already been announced! Inafune has been really interested in developing a huge franchise of his own, outside Capcom. So he's counting on future comic books, mangas, animes, and even possibly a live action film! The animated series is actually scheduled for 2016.

My current only anime series! Tonari no Seki-kun/My Neighbor Seki is a very fun short episodic anime about procrastinating. Hopefully they'll make a second second adapting more of the manga.


And that is all for this year!

And what about all? Any new/good shows in sight? Missing some of your favs on my list? Are cancellations getting worse by the year?

Comments below, so let's hear them! 


  1. Finished watching Season 1 of Arrow and found myself liking it a lot more than I thought I would. And with what little I know about Season 2, 3 & Flash, I'm more excited to watch those, too! Constantine looks neat, too.
    Otherwise, mostly watching the usual comic based stuff (Loving Teen Titans Go) and the odd cartoons like Gravity Falls and Adventure Time. Will watch Sonic Boom when it starts, for sure.
    Other than that, still be watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which is basically the only anime series I'm watching besides the shorter Persona 4 Golden.

    1. I found myself watching more and more cartoons these last few years :P
      I'll probably check out some of the above new shows, but probably just the pilots... not sure I'm gonna follow all the above anyway!