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CBR Adventure Time Vol. 4

You know what time it is?.... Time for more Adventure Time comics!

This episode: Ultimate Heroes on an Adventure, Hunson Abadeer, The Lich, Betty and... Ice Queen?

You know what time is it? It's ADVENTURE TIME!!

Comic title: Adventure Time: Volume 4
Art by Braden Lamb, Mike Holmes & Shelli Paroline 
Written by Ryan North 

Published by Boom! Studios inprint KaBOOM!
From 2014
Lineup Adventure Time series
Format: Trade Paperback collecting Adventure Time #15-19.

It's time to dig into another volume of the excellent Adventure Time comic book series, itself a spin-off from the always fun similarly-titled Adventure Time Cartoon Network series created by Pendleton Ward!

Since it's beginning there's already been several mini-series and graphic novel-exclusives, but the main on-going series is still the breakout all-ages title!

For fans of the cartoon, the comics or newcomers alike, it remains a quality book that anyone can enjoy. With fairly fun adventures that children and adult can have fun reading!

Like the cartoon, it follows the adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog in the mysterious Land of Ooo!

This volume contains both a self-contained story for the opener along a bigger 4-parter tale.

In the first short tale, Magic Man is once more being a jerk.

Several princess of Ooo were gathered by Princess Bubblegum for a special Princess Tea Party.

Magic Man crashes the party and puts a spell on Finn & Jake, taking out their ability to talk... with normal words!

But our heroes can still continue to talk... by illustrating their thoughts in their speechbubbles!

Our heroes will have to fight Magic Man with the help from all the princesses!

Next up is a much bigger story, and this volume's main feature...

It all begins with our two heroes having to save Lumpy Space Princess from the Ice King...

We find our heroes battling a giant mecha-Gunther!

When suddenly they break the ice beneath them, only to find a series of dungeons underground!

It seems that several centuries ago Ice King and Marceline's dad Hunson Abadeer built those for some reason...?

And you know what that means? It's time for some bro-time exploring those to get all the treasures... with Ice King?!

They get into IK's first dungeon, through his Hall of Just Ice. They fight several sculptures - all of those ice-monsters female for some reason... Long story. He was at a messed up point in his life back then...

After defeating the Ice Dungeon boss, they only find in a treasure chest a picture of Simon and Betty!

Onto Hunson Abadeer's dungeon! There they fight a lot of demons... quite easily. And that treasure turns out to only be a bunch of fries in basket...? Why all the lame-o prizes?!

Finally the trio reach the super-secret Lich dungeon!

They enter a magic portal... and find themselves separated!

Finn is wakes up in a strange different world. Jake changed into a plain regular dog!

Meanwhile Jake is in some kind of other world where he switched powers with Finn!

In another world Ice King seems to be in control of his powers!.. and finds Betty!!!

Only it all turns out to be just illusions?!? Last time they defeated the Lich with love. They will need to channel its full potential through the power beatboxing!

Like the previous volumes written by Dinosaur Comics cartoonist Ryan North, these new issues continue to feature some hilarious little snarky comments at the bottom of the pages. Like a pretty silly commentary track in comic book form, full of meta jokes. Always a fun plus of the main AT comic book series.

This volume contains some great inside jokes and scenes for the series. Such as the first canonical appearance of the Ice Queen from Fionna & Cake in the regular "Ooo".

Final there's the usual bonus material in the form of a cover gallery featuring the art of several series regular and new guest artists such as Braden Lamb, Mike Holmes, Shelli Paroline, Emily Warren, Nidhi Chanani, Spike Trautman, JJ Harrison, Mark Mariano, Tessa Stone, Shoichi Uehara, Meredith McClaren, Matt Sheean and several more!

Overall, this was definitively a great entry in the series, and a landmark so far with all the great fan-service, fun stories and humor!

The book remains a fun all-ages title! One of the best I've seen in ages!

The fun (but short) issue was a great clever use of the comic book medium, perfectly fitted for this series!

And the following epic tale is probably the best so far in this main on-going series. On part with the best episodes of the show. Some of the best characterization in the AT comic so far. Lots of adventuring, humor... and even all kinds of emotions!

The series is already a classic, and this one has been the best volume so far. Highly Recommended book!

I give it:
3 / 3 Snoopies!

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