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RR Young And Handsome - A Night with Jeff Garlin

Here's one of my favorite comedians & actors, in his unique comedy special!

Hey, Chicago, let's get some lunch!
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Title: Young And Handsome: Night with Jeff Garlin 
Comedian Jeff Garlin 
Release date 2009
Genre Stand-up Comedy album

A well-renowned comedian, Jeff Garlin is also an actor, a producer, a writer and even a podcaster!

The man has appeared on many, many fantastic roles over the years, several TV shows and movies. But these last few years his name probably comes to mind first and foremost associated with his "fictive" persona/role as "Jeff Greene" on Seinfeld's co-creator Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO.

This Chicago-born comedian made a name for himself with his great comedy, his early frequent appearances on Late Shows back in the day. Apparently the story goes that he was roomates with Conan O'Brien back when he was just starting as an aspiring writer.

He has proven his skills time and again, what with his Curb-flavored directorial debut with I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With where he co-starred with Sarah Silverman. And here's a fun trivia for you out there: Garling even had a small minor role in RoboCop 3. There, you can take this with you, here you go!

While he's mostly famous for his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm, you might think that is just a character. But the show's mostly pure improv. So he's really not that far off from that character (well, okay, his real-self is perhaps not that much of a jerk).

Young And Handsome: A Night With Jeff Garlin is his first and only stand-up special to date. He did a lot of stand-up back in the day, but this is sole return to the frontscene nowadays. It was released in 2009 as a comedy album and DVD by Shout! Factory.

This hour-long special was filmed back in his hometown, at the historic Second City Theatre.

Let it be said, Jeff Garlin is a great funny storyteller.

A very likable guy and talented to boot.  Years of an improvisational background, he launched his career working nightclub comedy which made him great with improvisations (experience which he still uses to this day on Curb, much to Larry David's satisfaction). He has great comedic timing with great confidence and presence on stage.

In his show, Jeff Garlin talks about married life, his eating habits, etc. His tone is very much conversational humor, with lots of fun tangents in-between segments all the time. "Ah, we'll cut it out, fuck it." At some point he also does some random pieces, with no connection to anything else really, just a couple of jokes he wrote.

He opens on a funny little "family" story which I can only possibly describe by its trackname "Caulk, F___er". Then he proceeds with that time he fell (along the table) during a massage, someone sorta kinda recognizing him for his TV work and their douchey attitude following that, the first time he stole something... and that other time he stole again the other day, a story about a passenger next to him on a plane "Baron Von Cream", having to "babysit" Kid Rock and keep the rockstar under control. Finally, he closes the show with a long epic donut tale involving drugs, Full House, donuts, and more Full House...

Garlin is a pretty funny guy. Telling funny stories with no real punchlines, but all the same funny all the way through. Inserting some random parenthesis and other random side little stories in-between.

Overall, Jeff Garlin is a really funny comedian, and "Young And Handsome" is a must have for any of his fans and/or Curb fans!

Really Recommended!

He has great delivery timing and can really go on fun out-of-topic tangents during stories - which I love. He's a fun improv stand-up comedian who loves to digress all the time. Almost forgetting where he was the last joke.

Always fun, funny and highly enjoyable on repeats.

I give it:

2.5 / 3 Urkels!

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