Friday, December 26, 2014

1PanelReview Red Dead Redemption

I've been meaning to offer a brief follow-up overview to one of my very first review on this blog back in 2010 (!!).

The sequel to one of my all-time favorite cult classic: Red Dead Revolver.

What it is: Red Dead Redemption & Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare     

Which is: An open world third person action video game
Created by: Rockstar San Diego/Rockstar North(Undead Nightmare)/Rockstar Games
Year: 2010
Available on: Xbox 360 & PS3

The indirect sequel to the 2004 underrated classic Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption does actually its own thing. Closer to a Wild West take on GTA. Entirely developed by Rockstar this time (which explains the radical departure from the arcade-style Capcom provided for the first game). It's not only a critically acclaimed polished modern sandbox-style action game, it's also one of the most successful recent original franchises in years and easily the most well received old west video game of all time.

What's Good about it: This game packs a lot of content. It's simply huge to say the least. And it offers so much to do from collecting bounties to hunting around the old west scenery. And everything's polished and detailed from the main storyline to the game's entire presentation.
It's easy to see just why this title was unanimously elected "Game of the Year" by basically everyone.
It's probably one of the best "GTA-like" games outside GTA itself. It's a flawless execution of a sandbox-style game. And the setting certainly helps sell the concept.
And it's easily the best (and one of the only) "western simulations" out there, not counting more arcade-style games.
It's probably worth it for the Undead Nightmare spinoff alone, as good as that sound. Who wouldn't love the idea of Red Dead meets Night of the Living Dead?! 

What's Bad about it: It's such a far out concept from what the original Red Dead game stood for. I mean, by this point not simply call this something else? I dunno, like "Wild West: Redemption" or something...
Rockstar does it again (warning: pretty old blog entry!) I know, people love sandbox games, and I'm glad it turned out great in this case, but I'm tired of seeing Rockstar do the same process with any franchise they're able to get their hands on.. Just sayin0!
Also. My main beef coming from Revolver into Redemption is that it's like jumping from a dirtier fun B-movie-style Clint Eastwood-like Spaghetti Western to a big serious John Wayne epic... It has barely anything to do with its predecessor in terms of either tone, story or gameplay honestly... I just wish it was another title altogether..

Overall: It's such a truly stunning and fantastic game! An Highly Recommended experience to all!

Such impressive environments and graphics. It's a gorgeous-looking game. Commercially hugely successful, and received with immensely positive reception at the time. For a good reason.

Personally - part of me still prefers the first much simpler Red Dead Revolver game, it was much more aimed to my taste. But I have to recognize how brilliant Redemption turned out like.

It's for that reason this will have to be one of my new year's resolution, to finally give this title the attention it deserves.
I give it: 3 / 3 Quacks!

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