Thursday, December 11, 2014

#Cartoon NEWS! "Star vs. the Forces of Evil"

Here's new upcoming Disney animated series by a former storboard artist, Daron Nefcy. "Star vs. the Forces of Evil". Which seems like kind of a Gravity Falls meet Cartoon Network's Steven Universe. Also this marks the time a woman will be handing/creating a show for Disney (which is kinda sad when you think about it to be honest, how much time it took them for such, in my eyes).

The story will follow this kid Marco Diaz who befriends a magical girl, Star Butterfly, that just arrived on Earth. They will face a bunch of villains and as the show will progress it will also explore the backstory behind all of this. It sounds fun. Sign me in!

Here's a first look at the theme song of this new show, which should sound familiar to current cartoon fans:

And here's the ending theme already!

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