Friday, December 5, 2014

#Gaming NEWS! STREET FIGHTER 5 is real!

Earlier today the first teaser trailer to an upcoming STREET FIGHTER 5 was "leaked" (by Capcom's PR to create some buzz, no doubt). And quickly pulled out. People have been trying to get it up but Capcom is pulling all of the videos offline.

Anyway, this means a new SF is now official! Story goes it's going to be a PS4/PC exclusive (I guess that helps me narrow down which "next gen" system to get, heh?).

The actual official announcement is supposed to come out at Sony's Playstation Experience.

Here's some screenshots taken directly from the video:

I love the new sleaker and improved artstyle! Gorgeous graphics (even though the models seems to be SF4's in hi-res). And pretty impressive effects in picture!



  1. Ryu still looks slightly different. Looks more like his SF3 look than his SF4 look, really.

    1. Yeah. That's why I said "improved artstyle". I like the new faces/chara design. Feels closer to SF3, which is my fav SF sub-series of all time! (so many hours spent during the Dreamcast days on those games...)

      (Even though the proportions/bodies makes me wonder if they simply revamped the SF4 models for the new gen)

  2. Exclusive to PS4 and PC? Must be a timed exclusive deal, there's no way Capcom would limit SFV to those two platforms for long! I imagine it's similar to when Resident Evil 4 was *exclusive* to the Gamecube initially, then found its way on every other platform shortly after.

    1. This one seemed to be an actual exclusive for a change. Not like the new Tomb Raider timed exclusivity deal.
      But I guess the Xbox 1 will get a Super Street Fighter 5 at some point...

      'reminds me of the MD/SNES era when the Super or Turbo episodes were only released for one or the other system...