Friday, December 19, 2014

#ShortAnimation - GAINAX' Daicon Intros

If like me you're a fan of animation or have been following the fantastic JDrama series Aoi Honoo/Blue Blaze this year, here's the animated shorts made by Hideaki Anno, Hiroyuki Yamaga and Takami Akai that would help launch the animation studio GAINAX back in 1981 & 83!

The first opening animation was basically made by them when they were all still students and amateur animators. Made for the Japanese SF convention Daicon III. It was a short "story" that payed tribute to the classic Japanese (and Western) SF genre. It's huge successed at the time was what helped establish Gainax. It's successort for Daicon IV 2 years later was in fact the first official work for Gainax as a studio. The second one is a bit more random and features a ton of references/parodies (including the likes of Godzilla, Tie-Fighters, Superman, Spider-man, etc.). It's more random but seriously more impressive and just shows how professional they already were at the time.

Here's both original classic piece of historic animations:

The beginnings of GAINAX right here...

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  1. If you like Aoi Honoo, I recommend more work by Kazuhiko Shimamoto, like Blazing Transfer Student and Blazing Pen (with Blue Blazes is more or less a prequel to, even if it's somewhat based on Shimamoto's life)
    If there's an artist I aspire to be like in writing hot blooded characters doing extremes in mundane settings (all of his work's like that) it'd be Shimamoto!