Thursday, January 1, 2015

MR Space Mutiny

Every year I try to start off the year by watching one helluva first epic movie than no actual annual theatrical release will ever top (and therefore my very first review of the year on my blog).

After Yor and Troll 2, we're back with a Reb Brown classic! Settle in, this is gonna be one epic SON OF A BITCH!!!

Movie: Space Mutiny also known as Mutiny in Space
Directed by David Winters & Neal Sundstrom
Release date 1988
Genre Science-fiction B-Movie
Country South Africa

Overall, a movie so good it needed two directors to be produced! And what a film they made!

Reb Brown portrays here Dave Ryder, a no-nonsense pilot that ends up Captain Commander of this entire "generation ship" because the fake-bearded leaders decide to leave their responsibilities behind once the titular "Space Mutiny" of this film happens.

The epic acting of this film is so bad it's simply fantastic. There's so much memorable all-time classic scenes from hula-hoop-dancing in a bar, always the same factory interiors used through the entire film (with clearly visible sunlit windows), at one point said-factory disguised to look like the bar where the aforementioned hula-hoop-dancing takes place, a bridge officer shown alive despite being killed right the previous scene in a scene that should have been clearly taking place earlier in the film (despite there were three editors working on this film?), a bad guy shouting a magnificent evil laugh at every opportunity, lasers than can only kill you temporary, this huge buff guy that can fit into any small uniform worn by skinny extras, and finally spectacular chase scene involving futuristic bumper cars! (Also, what's with the strange dancing softcore actresses??)

Space Mutiny is mostly popular these days for having been riffed on in the original Mystery Science Theater 3000. But the actual film itself is well worth a look!

It's not as not as fun as Yor was, neither as watchable. Due to its visibly much lower production values and awful pacing. The slow pacing kinda kills it a bit, some parts do get kinda boring, even by B-movie standards. But the hilarious epic grande finale with the bumber cars more than makes up for it, along the space battles and sound effects directly "borrowed" from stock footage from the original Battlestar Galactica TV series.

A Reb Brown at the top of his game, apparent huge lack of budget and lack of an actual script, as cheesy as it goes and lots of lasers and explosions flying around. What's more to ask?

And when you least expect it, this movie as a stinger at the end Marvel-style, the villain is shown not really dead at the end... Where they really seriously wishing to make a sequel to this at some point!?

I give it:
2 / 3 Reb Brown!


  1. Slab Bulkhead! Roll Fizzlebeef! Punch Side-Iron! Fist RockGroin!
    (Apologies. It's one of my favourite MST3K episodes)

    1. No worries, It's a classic MST3000 feature!

      But I think you really need to watch this movie by itself, outside's MST3000's take on it, to enjoy it fully :P
      Near the end of the film Reb Brown's shouting a SOB every 2 minutes! 'never laughed this much watching a film! XD
      (plus we do alright mocking films while watching them on our own)

      The upcoming movies of this year will have a lot to live up to in my eyes! (Jurassic World, Star Wars, Avengers 2 or Terminator 5 have a long way to go! :XD:)