Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#Blog update - What's next for the reviews, etc.

Hi gals and guys!

Thought a little personal update would be nice.

First of all - state of the blog!

As you might have noticed since my, err, current "situation" offers me a lot of freetime, I've been trying to have reviews up as often as possible. In best case scenarios every 2 days, other times with a week in between each one. My goal is to review as much as the on-going series I love following, enough so once I will have to slow down these reviews I would have most of these major games/comics/movies/etc. reviewed.

Except a few occasions and one offs, I tend to stick to a few main "franchises" as you might have noticed. Branching out whenever I find it useful. For example, I've been reviewing id software games since Wolfenstein 3D (and hopefully I will have reached New Order at some point), taking a break from these to review equally important FPS games to the genre such as the arrival of Half-Life and its sequel, carefully timed alongside those.

Similarly once a few of those series are all but completely covered - like, say, Back to the Future or Prince of Persia, I often decided to jump to other new "G33k"-y series, like Romero's zombie films or Platformer games in these two cases.

Upcoming reviews now!

I want to finish my on-going Keanu-a-thon. As well as a few more Stallone/Schwarzy action films before checking out the games their films inspired. I have a Big Hero 6 review comic up. More Guardians of the Galaxy (and possibly the movie). I want to finish covering the whole Aliens/Predator/Terminator/Robocop franchises. And I have a few current comics to keep up with - Bravest Warriors, Ghost, Revival, etc.

And finally, a sidenote.

I know, I know. Looking back at my first few reviews - Resident Evil 1, etc. I noticed I've started rambling in the last reviews I've been doing nowadays. Usually adding way too much useless information. And spending way too many words saying so very little. So my next objective will be to start writing shorter reviews once more.

I'll try to cut things down the way they used to be. As much as possible.

Keep things short, fun and straight to the point.

Speaking off, this post has been going on for way longer than originally anticipated.

Signing off now. Thanks for checking out my blog! See ya around!

- Eyz

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