Friday, February 20, 2015

#DC Movie News! First look at Aquaman

Here's the first look at Aquaman - as played by Jason Momoa in the upcoming Batman V Superman film:

From Zack Snyer's own twitter page:

Looks like they're going for the whole Greek myth/Gods angle. Also - unit the Seven? The seven seas or the 7 JLA members, mmmmh...?

Speaking of. A new banner has been released, and it features a new promo pic of Batman to go along the Superman and Wonder Woman (and now Aquaman) ones:

If you look closely, you'll noticed this is actually a different shot of Batman and not the same angle as the "Sad Batman" pic, plus it's actually our first look at Bats costume "in color" (or at least, in Zack Snyder's desaturated "colors").

I'm starting to really think this movie should have been either called "Trinity" (hey, WW gets some spotlight in the marketing, she might as well by another main character for all we know!) or simply Justice League: Part One....

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