Friday, February 20, 2015

#CartoonNetwork NEWS! Epic Cartoon news tidbits!

Cartoon Network just announced a few upcoming projects. And some really interest me, there's some epic stuff coming up.

First the most random one:

Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa Crossover Special “Say Uncle”:
Two of your favorite Cartoon Network series, Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa, are joining forces for a special crossover episode! Watch as a long-lost relative of Steven’s comes to town to aid him in unlocking the power of his mother’s gem!
Alright, nobody was expecting that, I imagine... random! And it's gonna be an important story-driven chapter for Steven? Part of me would have preferred to see Steven meet Clarence instead - it just would have made a bit more sense if you ask me!

The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls reboot is finally coming up, after a successful movie special last year or so.

Long Live The Royals
Long Live The Royals miniseries: Come join the royal family as they celebrate the yearly Yule Hare Festival. Parties and feasts will be a plenty as they struggle to balance ruling a kingdom and life as a typical family. A new mini-series from Emmy winner Sean Szeles (Regular Show).
This pilot was finally picked! It's going to be a miniseries instead of a full-on on-going series, but it's okay. I'm just glad we're gonna get more of this!

An Adventure Time Special Miniseries: 
In this multi-part series, Finn and Jake face a new threat to Ooo when Princess Bubblegum’s experiment unleashes ghosts from Marceline’s past.
We're finally getting a sort of AT-movie exploring the backstory of the show! Via a miniseries focused on PB and Marceline! Nice! Can't wait for even more Adventure Time! Totally Algebraic!!!

Regular Show: The Movie: 
From the creators of the hit Cartoon Network series Regular Show, comes a time-traveling longform special. After accidentally creating a “Timenado,” slacker groundskeepers Mordecai and Rigby go back in time and battle an evil volleyball coach in order to save the universe — and their friendship.
Woooaaah! Seriously??? A Regular Show movie??.... Count me in!

And on that note I just noticed I follow/watch a lot more cartoons than actual live action shows. Ha!

I love CN's push for more miniseries, following the huge success of Over the Garden Walls. It's a great initiative, and the format is a nice way to explore new ventures without signing in for longer projects.


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