Friday, February 20, 2015

#DeletedScene - This scrapped ALIEN project might resurrect one day!

I sure took my sweet time writing this new "DeletedScene" post. I was going to write about how District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp had pitched once how he would make a new Alien film to 20th Century Fox.. and since then it has actually been greenlighted and officially announced!

But let's back up how it all started.

At some point following his 2009 hit scifi indie flick District 9, Blomkamp pitched to Fox his ideal

Alien film concept. It was originally titled "Alien: Xeno". The project was set to completely recton out both Alien 3 and 4, and see the return of fan favorites Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and a now-back alive but badly burnt Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn). The film was set after the events of Aliens.

It never went much anywhere aside from a few concepts and story ideas (and an early script). Then came Elysium, and I imagine the bad reception killed any chance for the project.

Since he's been promoting his 2015 CHAPPiE movie recently, Neill Blomkamp has been talking about this project openly - since it was canned. He revealed to fans how he would have made this Alien film possible. And he then went on leaking concept art on his own instagram!

Here's a few of my favorites:

Then, as Deadpool recently would prove it, sometimes fans AND the internet can quickly take upon a project and make it a reality.

Fox saw how people were quickly falling in love with this project. So they now were asking Blomkamp to make the movie, but he wasn't really sure.

The guys at ADI, who worked on the special effects of the past films, started working on bringing these ideas to reality:

And all I can say is IT REALLY KICKS ASS! I can already see it in film!

And after talking with Sigourney Weaver about it, who also stars in CHAPPiE, Neill Blomkamp finally saw the potential and just recently agreed to make it a reality.

That's right, this scrapped Alien: Xeno will now become Alien 5!

It is not currently known how much of Xeno will translate into Alien 5. How much of the direction from these concept arts will get to make it into the actual Alien 5. The fact they clearly announced "Alien 5" as a temporary title seems to confirm it will take place after Resurrection.

The film will produced by Alien and Prometheus director Ridley Scott, via his own company. Scott Free Productions. And despite taking place after Prometheus and its upcoming sequel, Paradise (expected for a March 4th, 2016 release date), I doupt it will mention or refer to this sub-series in anyway. Scott will let Blomkamp make his own thing and not expect him to try to tie into whatever he's doing with Prometheus.

As it should always be with these Alien films. Say what you want about 3 and 4, as good or bad as you think they are, each film always had its own signature thanks to very talented film directors (despite one of them never wanting to see or get credit from his film *cough*Alien3...).

Following the release of Chappie, this 5th Alien film will be Neill Blomkamp's next project.

All thanks to quick hype and a rapidly high positive reception around the web. It seemed to work with Deadpool, and now with this new Alien film!

And we - Alien fans - need a good new Alien project. The first Prometheus turned out... not so good. And from the looks of things the second one coming next year will probably follow suit.

All we need now is another (good) and 4th Predator film.


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