Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#Marvel NEWS! Spidey and the MCU

It's official now - So apparently Spidey is getting re-rebooted.

But he will finally be part of the Marvel Universe!

Apparently it will follow Sony's trouble lately (between their near-bankruptcy, the recent huge hack and the numerous critics the last Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie received despite it making fairly enough money - I suspect they lost quite a lot in marketing honestly).

They're letting Marvel get Spidey back. He will be in fact even present in the film Captain America: Civil War - Yay! A more faithful adaptation hopefully!

In turn, Sony will keeping financing and producing the Spider-man movies. Only, they will be Marvel Films now, part of the MCU, and under Kevin Feige's overseeing control.

A whole complicated deal, so Sony can keep making money with Spider-man, but having to finance the films for Marvel. I guess that works.

That also means rebooting the series again.

"Together, they will collaborate on a new creative direction for the web slinger."

So that means they are scrapping their whole Sinister Six/Black Cat/Venom films too! And as a huge longtime-fan of Spidey, I'm actually glad! That didn't sound that engaing to be honest.

One the other hand Marvel will be shuffling their originally planned releases dates. Black Panther is pushed further back (awww...), a new Spider-man solo film will be released in 2017, in between the second Guardians and Thor.

Sounds about right to me. So much complications so Marvel can finally get back the rights to their own character! Hollywood...


"This is the right decision for the franchise, for our business, for Marvel, and for the fans."

Sign me in!

Source: Marvel.com and screenrant


  1. Wahey! Just condense the origin story in maybe 5 minutes or less, and we're solid! EVERYBODY knows how he became Spider-Man, we don't want to see it for another 2 hours!
    Curious, though, who will we get: Gwen or Mary Jane? (Or both?) Gwen's been picking up in popularity lately, I won't be surprised if she gets more prominence.

    1. I'm expecting them to summarize it like they did with Incredible Hulk, which also quickly followed a previous movie version.

      I'd love to see both Gwen and Mary Jane from the start.... and see Peter go for the more "grownup" Betty Brant at work.