Thursday, March 5, 2015

#DeletedScene - Alien: Isolation original pitch

Courtesy from destructoid, we can now have a look at Creative Assembly's original pitch for Alien: Isolation!

These videos were showed part of a panel at GDC.

This first one is the original pitch video they made to sell the project to Sega (and Fox):

Already you could see the unique potential to go back to the original Alien 1, unlike most games based around the premise of James Cameron's second episode. Plus they were able to show the Alien could still be pretty impressive and scary! (The actual game would cut the whole Facehugger-infestation on the ship-thing)

What is more surprising is that the game apparently was going to be played in third person!

That's right, much in the same veign as other survival horror classics such as Resident Evil 4 or Dead Space.

I'm glad they went for the first person view ultimately, the over the should perspective always gives a more action-oriented tone. Plus having the view limited to what you see really helps puts you into this adventure/isolated spaceship.

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