Friday, May 29, 2015

#Cartoon NEWS! A scrapped Pilot from Cartoon Network is leaked online!

Another cartoon pilot was just released on Cartoon Network's website. BUT WAIT! It's not another pilot for a possible new show.

It's the original pilot for the recent fantastic CN miniseries "Over the Garden Wall" by Patrick McHale!

This pilot actually dates back from October 24, 2013 and had only aired in a few film festivals prior to that. It was titled Tome of the Unknown back then and would result in the aforementioned miniseries which I adored, which in turn caused CN to now greenlit a couple of upcoming mini-series. I really like this format, so I'm glad there will be more of that going forward.

Enough talk, here's the pilot:

Check it out before CN pulls it offline, we never know. (It's also officially available on

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