Friday, May 15, 2015

#DC News! First Supergirl Trailer

CBS just released the trailer for the upcoming Supergirl show:

All I can say is this looks as silly and cheesy as any CW TV shows. Ironically enough Flash and Arrow currently both look better than that... The FXs looks... okay-ysh. I'm not really liking the tone and the whole annoying boss/workplace. I like that they apparently kept Superman in the mythos, I thought they wouldn't mention Supergirl's famous cousin. And my only real problem with this take on Jimmy Olsen is that this guy looks way too cool for the character, I prefer awkward nerdy Jimmy Olsen personally.. (Say, following the same idea, wouldn't Dulé Hill's Gus on Psych make a much better Jimmy Olsen, for example?)

Our main actress certainly looks the part, I'll give them that. And the costume works on screen.

1 comment:

  1. Kinda 50-50 on it. Gets the whole superhero thing top notch, but yeah, the other mousy assistant/intimidating boss routine could've been done without.
    And that's Jimmy Olsen? I'd have thought the other guy introduced earlier would've been Jimmy, but apparently not. Bizarro Jimmy...?

    Also, why did they have to practically spoil the whole entire first episode in one trailer? Then again, it would probably be much harder to sell Supergirl than the other shows, maybe.