Friday, May 15, 2015

#DC News! The new DC's Legends of Tomorrow show!

Did you know there's an upcoming third DC Comics show about to air on CW? Another spinoff? An All-Star team-up series (sadly not titled The Brave and The Bold...):

It's called DC's Legends of Tomorrow. And I'm pretty sure it evolved from a propose Flashpoint summer mini-series into a full-fledged full series that will alongside Arrow and The Flash:

They should have called this show "Time Masters" if you ask me...

One thing is sure - "Rory" makes a great Rip Hunter! And Captain Cold's having the time of his life!


  1. Good to see Rory got promoted from Time Companion to Time Master. But more importantly, if there's Rip, I hope that means there's Booster!

    Otherwise, with a rag-tag group, I hope it's another good'un!

    1. I think there's perhaps an embargo regarding Booster, since DC/Warner was trying to get a Booster Gold TV show on the air. The same way Blue Beetle was off limites to the Arrow crew, so they had to turn his character into the Atom at the last minute (despite no Beetle on either TV or movies planned at the moment)