Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#Ubisoft NEWS! New Assassin’s Creed game confirmed

Ubisoft finally confirmed the new Assassin’s Creed game. It's won't be titled Victory, as the initial rumors said, but instead will be called Syndicate.

Here's the pretty decent cover art:

The game will be released exclusively for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This time it will take place in Victorian London, in 1868. And there will be two main characters, both a male and a female protagonists, the brother/sister duo of Jacob and Evie Frye.

Here's the official announcement trailer:

And some gameplay footage:

Looks decent. In fact this seems to have a lot more personality than Unity had.

This time the game won't feature any multiplayer - which is great news for this type of annual game. At least that means more work and effort put into the development of the actual single player experience. And it appears some historic figures like Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens will appear in one form or another in the story.

Seriously, Ubi? More Pre-order/Season pass-shenanigans? You know I'll just ignore all as usual??

You might join the bandwagon and hate on the series all you want, I'm still surprised and glad to see a huge mainstream series play with and introduce history to gamers all over the world. Just for the sake of the "Ezio saga" alone, how many young kids would have never looked into Renaissance and the culture of Italy, not counting all the paintings, rich history and geography they managed to pack into these games? It's a lot more recommendable in my eyes than all those annoying similarly-yearly produced sports game if you ask me.

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