Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#E3 NEWS! EA fires back

I can't believe there's already been so many great announcements since this year's E3 started.

And a lot of great new stuff's been already announced since my last post! I'll try to cover my favorite stuff, taking it all slowly in. Let's see what EA came up with this year...

First up let's start with what is perhaps my most expected game (probably along a Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Shenmue 3 HOLYSHITTHEYREMAKINGIT, but I digress we'll talk about that in another post). None other than Mirror’s Edge Catalyst:

Looks like DICE went back to the drawing board and are dead set to offer the best possible experience. Taking notice from critics of the first games, this new game is set to not let Faith use guns this time around, the whole game is free roaming instead of the levels progression. And, woah, was that Morgan Freeman!?! They even got Morgan Freeman???

Can't wait!!!

One of EA's big surprise was the announcement and reveal of a new Mass Effect game - titled Mass Effect: Andromeda:

This.. sounded pretty fun actually!

Why the subtitle and not a "4"? I think they're trying to move the franchise past Shepard's tale, since the character was an undefined customizable blank slate. To avoid story conflict, etc. The game apparently started development while Mass Effect 3 was still being finished in early 2013.

The game will be out next year Holiday 2016, for PC and current gen consoles.

Another great kicker was to finally get a look at the long-rumored new SW game, a modern-gen Star Wars Battlefront!

AND IT LOOKS AMAZING as well (boy, I'm saying that a lot in this post, ain't I??).

I really love how smooth, epic-scale and impressive it looks! That Vader at the end! Luke was such a badass too!

This new Star Wars Battlefront will be out this November 17 for PS4/Xbox One/PC.

And that was mostly all I enjoyed from EA's presentation. Granted, they had the worst show in my eyes. Lots of gimmick-y games, random stuff, bad presentation... But those three games above? Solid gold, my friends!

Now onto Microsoft's offering...

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  1. I can't say I was expecting to be amazed by Star Wars Battlefront, but I was pretty amazed by Star Wars Battlefront. But you play as a Greedo character who shoots first?! That's a bit too much, guys!