Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#E3 NEWS! Misc. news: Robots, assassins, soldiers, mercenaries and zombies

A few interesting original new ideas caught me eye.

Microsoft surprised me, SquareEnix surprised everyone and Ubisoft did more of the same. Where's my Beyond Good and Evil 2!?!

Let's start with a random surprise, ReCore. A new original title from Keiji Inafune (!!) and Armature Studios, a new studio composed of much of the same makers of Metroid Prime:

Looks... original! Am I the only one getting a Half-Life 2-vibe from this?? #halflife3confirmed

On the other far end side of the spectrum, Telltale Games took this occasion to announce a new adventure game series. A 3-episode mini-series revolving around fan-favorite character Michonne, The Walking Dead: Michonne:

While I expect this to be fun and pretty good, there's some things I'm asking. This is obviously supposed to be taking place in the comics continuity, but why am I getting a Walking Dead TV series-vibe from this?

Here's a boring new CGi trailer for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Ubisoft just released:

YAWN. And yet I'm a huge fan of the franchise. So here's some gameplay for a change:

Much better! Lead with that instead, Ubi! Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will be out on October 23rd.

Here's a new video for next year's The Division. Probably Ubisoft's most expected game these days (aside from Beyond Good & Evil 2, of course):

Don't screw this up, Ubi! Don't make another Watch_dogs!!

The new very nice Rainbow Six Siege:

And the very similar Ghost Recon Wildlands:

Ghost Recon looks slightly better with its wild open areas.

And that's it for Ubi, sadly there were no surprise Prince of Persia or Beyond Good and Evil... Sigh...

Meanwhile Sony announced a bunch of stuff. Not a lot of their videos grabbed my attention to be frank. Except this lil' quirky Dreams from LittleBigPlanet creator Media Molecule:

I'm personally usually not a big fan of Uncharted - for... reasons - but this trailer for Uncharted 4 sure looks nice:

Destructible environment! Action! Adventure!

And finally here's my worst fears turned a reality. Square Enix revealed the rebooted Hitman I long feared:

47 with a new face! Noooooo!

Let's hope the game's fun and solid. But so far it looks like they're doing with Hitman exactly what they did with Tomb Raider recently - reboot it from scratch for a new generation...

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