Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#Movie NEWS! Attack on Titans movie trailer!

(Yes, I still refuse to call it by the Americanified title "Attack on Titan". Anyways, the series' correctly translated as "Attack of the Titans" over here, so..)

There's a new trailer for the live action Shingeki no Kyojin movie! Check it out:

This one shows a lot of what you might expect. And how much the film will distance itself from the original source material.

There's the obvious: Sure, they're all Asians (why the need to discuss about this again, wasn't this clear on the first previews?). No problem there. And the story seems to take place in a slightly more modern world-ysh setting (for story setting and production reasons, I'm sure). And then there are less evident differences, small divergences, such as apparently a romantic sub-plot.

But, hey, Titans! Eren's transformation (!). Action! Horror! Pretty decent CGi effects. (And if you're new over here, let it be said once more, for me decent CGi =/= huge budget. Money doesn't make quality, are you a Hollywood producer or what? Design, aesthetic and integration is more important. And the CGi looks great here, it's not billion dollars-American special effects, sure, obviously, but it looks nice. You might just not be used to foreign films if you wanna complain here..)

Also, Mikasa <3

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