Monday, June 8, 2015

#Movie NEWS! Creature Features are not dead - a new TREMOR! Finally! It's about time!

Did you know there's a new TREMORS film coming out this year?

No? Really?

2015 truly is the year of the revival/nostalgia! We got a new Jurassic Park, a new Star Wars, a Tron sequel and now a new Tremor!

Is that a graboid about to eat everyone's favorite creature feature hero!?

The new entry in this scifi/horror comedy series will be titled Tremors 5: Bloodline. The film is directed by Don Michael Paul (Jarhead 2: Field of Fire, Sniper: Legacy) from a script by John Whelpley (Tremors 3: Back to Perfection). And it will see the return of Michael Gross (Anger Management, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Family Ties, and the entire Tremors franchise, of course!) as the weapons enthusiast and expert graboid hunter Burt Gummer along Jamie Kennedy as his new right hand man and partner Travis.

Sadly the film won't be coming out on the big screen, as you probably guessed it. This will be yet another direct-to-video installment. But maybe that's better than a full-on "Hollywood reboot" in a way, I really liked Tremors 4 after all. The DVD/Bluray will be released this October for Halloween.

Will it even mention the TV series (where they met and faced all kinds of creatures on a daily basis), it was produced by the same people as the movies...

Here's the official synopsis:
The theatrical release of the original Tremors in 1990 combined suspense-filled action, sci-fi imagination and witty humor in the tale of a tiny Nevada town terrorized by giant man-eating worms known as Graboids. The Graboids eventually morphed into even more deadly creatures known as Ass Blasters. In this all-new adventure that travels halfway around the world to South Africa, the Graboids and the Ass Blasters are not only bigger and badder but Tremors 5 introduces an additional unexpected surprise that raises the stakes in the battle for survival.
It alludes to a brand new creature! I'm not expecting "evolution", this is not Pokemon! All these forms of graboids are getting ridiculous and out-of-hand (and another reason why I loved Tremors 4).

They did refer to the previous graboids as the "North American Graboid" on the official Facebook page. We might get to see a different strand, perhaps the much bigger "African Graboid"...?

Here's a few screens they released:

No creature yet, keeping some suspense I see!

Please - let them use puppetry and animatronics for the creatures! All the CGi effects of these direct-to-video films have been pretty bad....

Speaking of the facebook page, there was a contest over there to let the fans decide the cover of the DVD.

Sadly, they didn't end up using the standard graboid attacking from the ground/more traditional frontal shot:

But this "edgier" weird-angle cover will be the final product - thanks people on facebook!

Now I know why I don't have a facebook page... Is that something those kids find "kewl" over there?!

Well... at least the logo's much better on the second one... right? Sigh..

Anyways - I CANT WAIT FOR THE FILM! *pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood*

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