Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#RIP James Horner

One of my favorite composers just died...

James Horner, composer of countless classics such as Aliens or Wrath of Khan just died in a plane crash.

RIP James Horner.

The man was a legend. Another classic film composer that simply never received as much love as his contemporary such as John Williams or Danny Elfman - no disrespect to those two. He has been contributing to film history just as much, scoring movies since 1978. While his most famous score is perhaps the huge blockbuster classic Titanic, he also score for countless other different films, from animated films to modern hits, such as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Aliens, An American Tail, Apollo 13, Avatar, The Amazing Spider-Man and many more!

In memory of the man and his impressive body of work, here's a selection of a few personal favorites of mine:

And finally, one of my all-time favorite, The Rocketeer:

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