Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#SegaPlaymore NEWS! Sonic gets a cold burn. BOOM!

I've just decided I'm gonna refer to modern Sega as "Sega Playmore" from now on. Like SNK Playmore, it's not really the same and all the original creators are now longer not working there. (I'll do the same with Capcom and Konami too)

ANYWAYS! "Sega Playmore" has just announced a new Sonic game! I mean, a new game based on Sonic Boom!

"Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice"! Now that's cheesy as heck and perfect for the series.

But I can already hear some nerds "The Sonic Boom game was awful! How are they even making another one!?" Because: $$$. Easy as that.

More seriously, the "franchise" as a whole is successful. The cartoon's pretty popular, believe it or not (personally I find it a bit too childish, but I guess that was the idea...). The toys/plush/merch's selling great. And despite what people said about the Wii U game, the 3DS Sonic Boom got a lot of decent reviews.

So it's not a surprise they only announced a new game for the 3DS this time! Here's the trailer:

The game won't be in the hands of the hacks behind the Wii U title but the same 3DS time, it will be developed by Sanzaru Games again. Here's a few screens:

If they can fix some details from the previous game, I genuinely belive they make a good game this time. But there seems to be too many gimmick-y gameplay elements for my taste..
Source: Courtesy from Sega-mag.


  1. I'm still optimistic enough that it'll do better than the last game. Nothing ground breaking or anything, but it surely means something if it's getting a new game, yes? After all, Mega Man and Street Fighter weren't the greatest best sellers until the second game (Not saying this'll become a classic, but this sorta thing happened before to less than stellar sold games) So you never know, right?

    1. Well, that's almost the best compliment these Sonic Boom games ever got.

      But seriously though, since this isn't the "main game" (home system =/= portable console), I really believe it can be better than the previous episodes. And the 3DS game wasn't that bad.

      (Side note comment: I'm probably one of the very rare people who actually like Street fighter 1 out there.. haha.. and I'm not that hugely attached to SF2 since I always preferred SF3 and Alpha to it))