Friday, July 3, 2015

#Gaming NEWS! Keiji Inafune and Comcept about to announce another Mega Man spiritual sequel?

Keiji Inafune just teased the announcement of a new project for the LA Anime Expo this weekend:

Like Mighty No. 9, this games appears to be a not exactly-Mega Man-like game fans might need to keep an eye on. Hey, if Capcom's not giving us any new "Rockman" game any time soon, let the original creator have fun with his original concepts! Oh! I just got the name of the studio - Comcept!

Anyways, if Mighty No. 9 was a more traditional old school Mega Man/Mega Man X sidescroller, this new game seems to hint at something closer to Mega Man Legends. Why? Because there's a lot of hints towards giving us the new Mega Man Legends Capcom canceled several times.

The word "legend" pops up a lot in this video. The original Mega Man Legends was called Rockman Dash in Japan (and that's your "Red Ash" connection).

Wait and see~


  1. Crazy the things we see popping up from certain people that look similar to their previous works. (Not a new idea, of course. Look at Mongul compared to Thanos, for example)

    1. Actually I prefer that.

      I rather take a "spiritual follow-up" from the original creator,
      than awful sequels that rely on the same IP but end up completely different products.

      I mean, I'll take a substitute Mega Man from Inafune called Mighty no 9 than a Resident Evil 6 from Capcom without Mikami.

      Let the creators keep doing their original idea outside the big name studios than use the brand to sell some poor excuse of a sequel.

      You get what I mean? :'3