Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#DeletedScenes - CRAZY TAXI 4

So, apparently, we almost got a Crazy Taxi 4 not that long ago. But no surprise there, our "modern day SEGA" scrapped it (no doubt in favor of more random Sonic stuff..).

This comes from a recent update sonicstadium shared. The portfolio from an artist from SEGA Studios Australia, Brooke Luder, just revealed a few scrapped projects.

Including a pitch, concept art piece and a logo for what would have been a tentative Crazy Taxi 4:

There's no much information aside from this following bit from his portfolio page:
A concept piece created for the Crazy Taxi pitch from SEGA Australia. Illustrated in Photoshop and logo design created in Illustrator.
Studio: SEGA, Australia
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator
Skills: Illustration, Logo Design
No matter how it would have turned out, I'm sure it could have been fine. It's not a really complicated IP to get right, heck even the recent smartphone Crazy Taxi free-to-play is pretty fun. (Goddammit... now I want my Crazy Taxi fix...)

Nothing much is lost, I kinda consider the PSP "enhanced port" Fare Wars to be CT4 in all but name, adding its own spin on things. But I would have loved to get a proper new console installment with a brand new city(/ies)...

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