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#Blog - Hey Eyz! Whatcha gonna watch this season? [2015-16 Edition!]

Like every year, it's time to recap a new TV Season!

This year - mostly watching the same stuff actually. Not a lot of new shows caught my interest right now.
It seems I'm slowly watching more and more cartoons, and ditching all the live action drama that is always prone to sudden cancellations (specially the shows I like...).

Live drama:
Under the Dome: The show's been apparently canceled already. So the episodes that are currently running will actually be the last. They seem to had planned to end Season 3 with as bang, so that will probably work out okay.

The Strain: Similarly, Guillermo del Toro's "realistic" vampire outbreak The Strain is still currently airing, having started new episodes this summer. Good news a third season has already been announced.

Dark Matter & Killjoys: I promised myself to at least check out the pilot for these two new original scifi shows from, well, SyFy. They look interesting enough, in an almost Firefly-ysh kind of way. But I still haven't found the time to check them out.

The Walking Dead: Season 6 will begin this October, the 11th. I've been quite enjoying the show these last few years, actually more so than when it started. I think it finally captured the actual tone from the comics these last few years. Hope they don't lose momentum - also my favorite story arc and villain is supposedly coming soon. They better change things from the comics though.. (Glen...)

Fear the Walking Dead: Speaking off, the "companion" spinoff series was just launched. I need to check out the pilot. They already confirmed a season 2, but it seems the reception with the show hasn't been that great.

Castle: I can't wait for Castle's return, on September 21. here's some rumors season 8 might be the last, but I would love to see the show reach season 10! Nathan Fillion is always hilarious and supports more than its share of the series.

Sense8: The "Wachowskis siblings" all-new original series. Another new show I really wanted to check out a first few episodes which I keep forgetting. It's getting a lot of praise and does sound interesting.

Powers: I loved the comics, and still haven't watched the live action series. Another one, yes, there's a lot of that in this year's list. It's just been renewed for a 2nd season.

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi's run as the Twelfth Doctor has received a lot of praise. Series 9 is currently airing and will end with a Christmas Special it seems.

Twin Peaks: Twin Peaks was resurrected and a final Season 3 some odd 20 or so years later is expected to air on Showtime... some time. It was scheduled for 2016, but it might actually only start in 2017 depending what David Lynch and Mark Frost actually have planned for it. Showtime's apparently giving the creators full creative control here.

Haven: Another funny quirky scifi/thriller SyFy series was cancelled... We already lost Warehouse 13, Eureka, Alphas and now this... Sigh... The last episodes will start in October, the 8th.

Ash vs. Evil Dead: This is perhaps the only new show from the 2015/2016 season that has caught my attention - and for a good reason! A sequel to the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness series! It's set to start this Halloween!

Friday the 13th: Speaking of new shows, a new Friday the 13th is expected to be developed for the CW soon. Which wouldn't have gotten me much interested to be fair.. only I found out original Friday the 13th Sean S. Cunningham will be overseeing the show! How fun is that? It's also expected to tie in both the new movie and upcoming video game.

Critters: Finally, speaking of reboots of cult horror franchises, a Critters series was announced by Warner last year. Can't wait to hear more from this project.

Community: So the jump from NBC to Yahoo certainly worked in favor of Community. But now nobody knows what direction Dan Harmon will take with the show... It's rumored to be followed by a movie (#6seasonsandamovie), but I could see it just as easily get a 7th unexpected season, maybe like a big storyarc-centric season closer to a film cut down to 20-minute episodes.. Wait and see!

Key & Peele: Key & Peele is ending this year!!! Why!!!! Whhhyyyyy!!!!?!?! Oh, well. While I can't wait to see what projects both will explore next, together or otherwise, let's enjoy these last few remaining episodes from this fantastic comedy show.

The Odd Couple: Last year, the unexpected happened - a new Matthew Perry series wasn't canceled! After some failed attempts with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Mr. Sunshine and Go On (which I loved the most personally..), this 4th time was the charm! But will it outlast a 2nd season? Wait and see... No date for now.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I CAN'T WAIT for Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is set to begin September 27. Not only is the show hilarious and cleverly written, it's also the last standing production from Michael Schur's Fremulon company which was responsible for the (American) Office and Parks and Recreation. I miss those shows...

Louie: Louie will return for a 6th season on FX... after a hiatus. That's right. Well, Louis CK is certainly busy, what with doing comedy tours, night shows and whatnot. Plus he writes, directs and stars in the show! Take your time, Louis! For this type of quality I can wait.

Silicon Valley: This hilarious series from Office Space Mike Judge will return on HBO for a third season... someday. No date yet.

Fresh Off the Boat: This was a pleasant surprise last year, even though it was basically Everybody Hates Chris all over again. Season 2 starts Sep. 22.

The Last Man On Earth: Despite a somewhat false title, this was easily my favorite new show last year! Season 2 will begin Sep. 27. What's the deal with the long lost astronaut brother?!?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Okay, I lied. THIS was my favorite new show last year. Since Tina Fey's new series aired on Netflix, Season 2 can be launched whenever, outside traditional "TV seasons".

Angie Tribeca: Alright, this is easily my most awaited new show, but it will only come air next year in January 2016. I have tried to keep little to no information on this one, to be surprised. It's apparently a comedy that takes a lot more from the Zucker bros. than The Office & co unlike many shows these days. It will start the always lovely, hilarious and gorgeous Rashida Jones and it is apparently written by Steve Carell!! And apparently the great comedian Deon Cole will also appear in it!

The Muppets: THIS! A thousand times THIS!!! It starts Sep. 22.

Robot Chicken: I thought Robot Chicken was over... But apparently a "Season 8" is scheduled for October 25! More Robot Chicken! I'm not complaining, just pleasantly suprised.

Arrow: Arrow will return on October 7 for Season 4! They promised a much more comic book-y season, with less teen angst, a much more colorful comic book-accurate suit, a vigilante costume for Diggle, (a guest appearance of the canceled Constantine,) a city renamed STAR CITY and our hero finally properly addressed as "Green Arrow". Can't wait!

The Flash: Second season of this great Arrow spinoff will start Oct. 6. I can't wait - this was easily the most fun new comic book-inspired TV series.Vibe! Killer Frost! Zoom! Jay Garrick! And a whole lto more!

Vixen: This third DCW show is actually an animated spinoff. It seemed okay from the first episode (from mostly the same staff as the Young Justice cartoon btw). But it was a bit on the short side for me. Apparently a live action appearance is a possibility.

Legends of Tomorrow: The Time Masters Arrow/Flash tie-in series nobody asked for, but we're all eagerly awaiting for. This sounds like a great fun idea, I just wish they'd actually gone with the "Time Masters" title instead. It looks like a very fun show.

Supergirl: I still wish this was on the CW isntead of CBS. The head of CW apparently also said the same recently. At least to get a chance to tie in with the other shows... but aside from a fun photoshoot not long ago, it seems this won't ever be happening now.. The pilot was okay though.

iZombie: Not exactly a DC nor superhero show. This was... okay, I guess. I just wish it was closer to the Monster Squad-esque setting of the comics instead of this Veronica Mars with zombies show we have. Season 2 starts October 6.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Agents of SHIELD season 3 is expected to start this Sep. 29, the series will draw some more influences from the great Secret Warriors comic book series.

Marvel's Agent Carter: This 1940s SHIELD spinoff turned out great. Most people in fact prefer it over Agents of SHIELD. While the first season took place in 1946, in New York City, the second season is expected to be set in Los Angeles in 1947. It's set to begin in the second half of the 2015-16 season as a replacement for AoS.

Marvel's Jessica Jones: On the Netflix side, "AKA Jessica Jones" is apparently now simply titled Jessica Jones. Aww... I liked the allusion to her comic book series "Alias"... I'm highly expecting for this show. It's supposed to be entirely released (as all Netflix shows are) any time soon.

Marvel's Daredevil: Meanwhile, DD is coming back for a season 2 early next year. The show fantastically opened up the Netflix-side of the MCU with a fantastic triumph. I can't wait to see Electra, Bullseye and The Punisher get the MCU treatment!

Marvel's Luke Cage: Currently filming alongside DD Season 2, Luke Cage's series is set for 2016 as well.

Marvel's Iron Fist: There's apparently been some huge delays regarding the adaptation of Iron Fist's powers and backstory. They're hesitating to go full on fantasy with Iron Fist or a more scifi-esque route à la Thor movies.

Marvel's The Defenders: ... which in turn delayed the upcoming Avengers-esque team-up between all of the above.

Guardians of the Galaxy: I dunno for you, but I'm actually quite hyped for this show. I can see why some people have been calling the GotG franchise our decade's new "X-Men". The books have been selling great, all kinds of spinoffs and crossovers have been launched. The movie was a huge success that boosted the characters' visibility and a sequel's coming up. And now we have a cartoon that will inspired new generations - the IP is easily going through the same success the X-Men went through in the 1980s. The show looked decent but it's a bit too much inspired by James Gunn for my taste. I would love to see them draw from Dan Abnett's run and use more Guardians characters. (At least they already promised us Cosmo!)

Teen Titans Go!: Let the haters say the same things comic book fans said back in the 2000s about this new show, different tone and artstyle this show has been great so far! With tons of inside jokes and references to the larger DCU. The show's already on its 3rd season, and it doesn't seem to be stopping any day soon.

The Simpsons: For a while, I was really expecting The Simpsons to be ending on Season 25 for some reason.. but Fox apparently renewed the show up to season 30!!! I dunno.. I always loved the series, even defended the new seasons, but losing more and more of the original voice actors each day... I'm kinda losing interest in the Simpsons after 25+ years... The show followed me my entire life! Season 27 will start on Sep. 27.

Adventure Time: AT's getting a mini-series this year, thanks to the huge success of Over The Garden Wall (which prompted Cartoon Network to start investing in mini-series). Season 7 will start this fall. The mini-series will run in Octover. And let's not forget the big feature-length theatrical Adventure Time movie which will be developed by Warner Bros!! The show is as popular as ever!

Regular Show: Regular Show's 8th season just started with some pretty good new episodes. And there's a TV movie set for November 25!

Steven Universe: Steven's been doing great lately! I was kinda afraid it started off to a rocky start (viewers-wise), despite some great production values, but it's now finally getting much bigger numbers. Season 2 is currently on hiatus, but new episodes are expected soon.

Clarence: Not a lot of people gave this show a lot of chance, but I think it's pretty good. Definitively up there with the last few modern CN shows. With some great creative stories. The show is currently finishing airing its first season.

Long Live the Royals: One of my favorite recent pilots on CN was finally greenlighted for a miniseries. This Regular Show-esque anachronistic take on medieval days will start this fall.

Rick and Morty: I'm not watching a lot of Adult Swim cartoons nowadays. But if I had to watch only one show, it would be Rick and Morty. This Dan Harmon deconstruction of scifi tropes is fantastic! Hilarious! And always clever! Even if people tell you Adult Swim only airs crap, don't listen to them and watch this show! Only watch Rick and Morty! Who needs Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead? Watch Rick and Morty! *baaarf* The world is full of idiots who don't understand what's important *buuurp* and they'll tear us apart, Morty. *baaarp* Rick and Morty forever and forever. *buaarp* Rick and Morty a 100 years, Over and over *baarp-* rickandmortyadventuresdotcom.

Gravity Falls: I'm finding it pretty funny to list Gravity Falls right next Rick and Morty. Anyway, this is easily the best show currently airing on Disney/Disney XD. Season 2 is pretty good so far. I'm wondering if the series will end this year...

Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Star vs. the Forces of Evil was renewed! Yay! I love this funny quirky series! It's no Gravity Falls or Steven Universe, but it reminds me of early 2000s Cartoon Network shows.

Wander Over Yonder: One of the best new shows launched last year. This new Craig McCracken series on Disney XD is really fun, well animated, beautiful to look at - plus all the songs have been great so far! Jack McBrayer really makes the whole things for me. Season 2 just started.

Mickey Mouse: I just adore this retro-looking new Mickey Mouse series! I always preferred this more simplistic Mickey (always hated him with the pink face...). Mickey's already on his 3rd season no less!!

Golan the Insatiable: Originally web-based shorts, Golan turned out pretty fun as an actual show on Fox. Season 2 (or season 3 counting the youtube 2013 series?) will air next year.

Star Wars Rebels: I'll be honest.. I kinda ditched Star Wars Rebels. While everything seems ok (characters, story, animation, models, etc.) I just don't like the main protagonist, this blue-haired Aladdin...

Sonic Boom: I'm sorry.. I grew up with Sonic, always loved most of his games, but I just can't enjoy this series. It's definitively aimed at the younger crow.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Season 4 soon! Season 5 confirmed! WOoooowooh! Hopefully they start drawing some more from the current IDW comic book series.

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!: I'm not really liked the few we've seen of this new Scooby-doo show. It looks way too much like Seth McFarlane's shows... It's set to start on Oct. 5th.

Wabbit: This is this year's new Looney Tunes cartoon. Let's hope it's more on the funny side and akin to Duck Dodgers, Taz-mania and the likes than the heavily altered Baby Looney Tunes and Loonatics... The art style seemed decent though. It start Oct. 5 as well.

Mike Tyson Mysteries: The best new show on Adult Swim is this Scooby-doo-styled parody! Unexpectly hilarious and much better than you'd think on first look. Second season will air this fall.

The Venture Bros.: Despite being the longest-running series on Adult Swim, it's actually only on its 5th season! Season 6th was confirmed, but as usual explain a pretty long wait and an unexpected unscheduled return in the following year(s?).

Mighty No. 9: While the game keeps getting delayed, did you know a Mighty No. 9 animated series was announced for Q2 2016? As well as a Mighty No. 9 feature film? Let's just hope Keiji Inafune is able to get these projects finished (unlike "Red Ash", cough cough..)

Dragon Ball Super: I'm only following one anime at the moment. (Actually, I'm wishing for more Tonari no Seki-kun episodes.) And it's not that great. I dunno what I can tell ya. As a long time fan of Dragon Ball, who grew up with the original anime and manga back in the early 90s, this new show doesn't seem to be "made for me". It feels more like a continuation of Dragon Ball Kai than anything else. The music feels off (no more western-style score?), no Hironobu on the theme song.. and the art style, even when on model, comes too "plastic", like the opening of the video games. I mean GT felt more Dragon Ball than this (GT even felt more like a continuation of the manga than DBZ technically, what with the different art style, Songoku with yellow-skin like in Toriyama's illustrations, Vegeta with brown hair instead of black, etc.) Hopefully it gets better once the two films-adaptation arc is over.


And that is all for this year!

A lot of cartoons. Less and less live drama. Comic book adaptations taking over. But overall I'm pleased with my content. I might ditch a lot of new shows this year.. we'll see!

And what about you all? Any new/good shows in sight? Missing some of your favs on my list?

Comments below, so let's hear them! 

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  1. Only started watching Rick and Morty since last week, AND I LOVE IT! Well, more so than I thought I would, but it proved itself to be very entertaining and all that. Great show.

    Shame you aren't really into Sonic Boom so much. I know I've been enjoying it more than expected. (Better than all previous Sonic shows) but I can understand why some people wouldn't be into it.

    Same for Dragon Ball Super, especially when it's going back to BoG with some minor changes, but I've been fine with it. The bits changed and expanded on that worked worked. Parts that didn't, eh. Well, we'll at least get to brand new material soon enough (Either before or after RF)