Sunday, November 1, 2015

#Recap - Ash vs. Evil Dead: Episode 1x01

So the most highly awaited show for the season just started - Ash vs. Evil Dead!

How did it turn out?

It turned out great!!!

I'm probably way too much of a fanboy to be impartial here, but this first episode was amazing!! It was great to see Bruce back as Ash, and even get Sam Raimi behind the camera!

I really think the episodic format works great for this universe. Maybe I'm just used to all these Army of Darkness comics I've been reading this past decade. But I can't wait to check every week for the ongoing adventures of Ash vs. the Deadites.

The tone was great. The story picks up years after the theatrical ending of Army of Darkness. I liked the fact they could finally use pictures of Evil Dead 1 in the show, despite losing the rights to the S-Mart store from AoD.

I can't wait to see where the Deadites will take these characters next. (Plus there are promises of time travel for later - the season finale maybe?)

Hail to the king, baby!!

All I have to say is: Ash is back!!!!

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