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CBR Revival Vol. 5: Gathering of Waters

One day in rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life in the small town of Wausau...
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Comic title: Revival Volume 5: Gathering of Waters 
Art by Mike Norton & Mark Englert
Story by Tim Seeley 

Published by Image Comics 
From 2015
Lineup Revival series
Format: Trade paperback collecting Revival issues #24-29.

One day in Wausau, rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life. Now the living and the undead are trying to live in the quarantined town as best as they can. Officer Dana Cypress is trying to hold it all together, while meanwhile her sister Martha, aka "Em", a Reviver, is trying to find out the strange condition behind her murder.

Revival is easily one of the best Image Comics titles out there nowadays, and a bestselling series. The series was created by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton.

Often described as a "Rural Noir", it's a zombie story without zombies really. At least, not your usual mindless undead creatures. 

Volume 5, "Gathering of Waters ", collects issues #24-29.

After a trip to the Big Apple, Dana is back in town to see how quickly things got out of hands recently. Em started dating this other Reviver Rhodey "Road Rash" Rasch. A mysterious John Doe detained by the local CDC has been escaping the confined headquarters. Oh, and local B-movie celebrity film director Edmund Holt is up on Sheriff Cypress and tried to kidnap Dana's son Cooper...

Our story begins with the resolution of the last chapter.

Officer Dana Cypress is back in Wausau. And now she has to deal with not only the quarantine but also the media and religious fanatics.

"Pilgrims" have been getting into town through hidden tunnels, due to claims of the water in town having mystical proprieties.

Em found out she is pregnant from her boyfriend the college professor Aaron Weimar. She must find the missing father of her child.

But like Revived fish or a dead moose in these cold waters, nothing stays buried in this town anymore.

Ibrahaim is having some doubts to his whole purpose in life.

There's also this Reviver John Doe killing people in the name of a girl he lost years ago...?

Em goes to May Tao to get some help in her search for Aaron. She gets some unexpected help from a former tormentor.

And the Mayor makes a publicity stunt out of an attack at secret government quarters hidden in the woods. But it all ends up badly for everyone involved.. (Except maybe for the Reviver sympathizers.)

What happens when a Revived creates... new life?

Gathering of Waters brings new revelations and twists to the world of Revival. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly where Tim Seeley is bringing his tale. You never know where this is going, and a lot more surprises await us.

While this volume didn't push the boundaries nor plot as much, we have plenty of great character moments and surprises in the story. Our characters are all interconnected through the plot. The outside world is starting to react to our quarantined population. And new events happen that while not on "Revival Day"-scale will still shake the status quo.

All these people are such great flawed human characters. The plot is intelligent, it's a complex story and we're in for the long haul here!

The small town in the Wisconsin seems to be getting bigger the more we're familiar with it. More mysteries remain...

As always Mike Norton did a phenomenal work. 

In terms of random cameos Tim Seeley loves doing, I like the totally random allusion to Jason Voorhees in the opening of this arc. That totally came out of nowhere, but I loved the reference!

The only downside in the entire book? Mark Englert's really came out nowhere as the filler artist in the last issue. Suddenly mid-way through the issue the art style changed radically.. for the worst. It kinda took me out of the comic.

Overall, Revival remains one of the best current ongoing series. I'd put it right next to Brian K Vaughan's Saga and Matt Fraction's Hawkeye in terms of must read modern comics. 

The story is surprisingly mature, smart and deep. And it's a pretty engrossing comic. The tone is definitively getting darker as we progress.

All in all, another Highly Recommended entry, a great volume.

I give it:
2.5 / 3 ManThings!

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