Friday, December 4, 2015

#Gaming NEWS!

There's been a lot of video game news yesterday. Let's try catching them all up.

A new FarCry game, more Mortal Kombat characters, new TellTale games, Tim Shaffer's next project and more!

First up Nintendo released a trailer for the new character Linkle - aka the female Link - for the 3DS release of Hyrule Warriors Legends:

Awesome! She looks pretty badass!

Remedy finally gave us another look at their highly expected title Quantum Break - the only game that is making me consider an Xbox One:

Oh, man.. I'm gonna miss that title... (And don't talk to me about the PC release, it seems to be a nightmare of Windows 10 Windows store-DRM proportions...)

Mortal Kombat X is getting a new season of DLC characters! And they're all awesome! Bo Rai Cho is back! And we're getting some unexpected and totally awesome guests - a Xenomorph! And Leatherface! We're gonna be able to make a proper Alien vs. Predator! And Jason vs. Leatherface, anyone? Although I hope they end up bringing Freddy Kruegger as well, I also want to be able to have Jason Vs. Freddy!!! And Ash!!

Here's some news from Telltale games. First up it's not a Walking Dead: Season 3, but actually a standalone spinoff title The Walking Dead: Michonne:

You know what? I'm actually more interested in playing this than those WK seasons. I guess Michonne is just that more interesting/badass to me.

Speaking of Telltale, did anyone even expect them to announced a Batman game???

I miss the days Telltale Games was a more indie studio and used to make more obscure ips... Bone, Sam & Max, etc. Because, Batman? Really? It's not the whole tie-in thing with the whole DC Cinematic Universe that annoys me, but Batman? Really? I would have loved a point & click adventure game of literally any other superhero. The Question.. The Spirit.. You name it!

At least it looks like this "Batman – A Telltale Games Series" will take some cues from Year One, which is always nice.

And while we're on the subject of adventure games - Double Fine is making a Psychonauts 2!!!

How crazy is that!?! Sure it's gonna be crowdfunded, but did anyone seriously expect otherwise from a niche game like this?

And I guess that's all for this mega-post! Have a good one-


  1. All these things suddenly announced last night, like, WHAAAAAAAAAT?!

    1. I randomly noticed that later after a long day of work + playing Uncharted all evening. I checked stuff online this morrning at work and went WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? like you here! XD