Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#DeletedScenes - Scrapped DOOM 3DO FMV

Doom is such a fun memorable cult classic. And it got ported on so many different systems... Did you know the 3DO port almost feature FMV??

That's right! For some reason, the 3DO version - which is often unquestionably called one of the worst ports of the game - almost joined in the FMV trend that was popular on CD-ROM-based systems at the time.

The team at Art Data make some tests, but they finally ditched the idea since it was quite difficult to pull of (and kinda ridiculous). Here's the only ever confirmation we ever got of this, recently on twitter:

I have no idea what is going on here. Is that a small un-cyber Cyberdemon or some butchered Baron? Who are these people?! Where's the Doomguy when you need him...

I dunno for you, don't let the internet tell you otherwise, but this looks awesome to me! Granted, I do love me some fun cheesy FMV games (I even take those over modern generic blockbuster films any day!)

I wish they’d gone with that! At least it would have made that 3DO port fun and memorable!

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