Monday, December 7, 2015

#Gaming NEWS! Final Fantasy VII PS4 remake

No, I didn't miss the new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake. I just tried to stay offline as much as I could this weekend.

Alright. You can now officially color me hyped! I missed you, Midgar!!

On the plus side, this seems like a remake done right. Everything about FF7 is recognizable but remade from scratch. On a bigger more visually stunning scale.
On the negative aspect, did they really need to ditch the turn-based combat for a more modern flavor like the modern FF fighting systems? It will turn off a lot of RPG fans, which I thought were who the game was aimed for. It feels like making it more friendly for the mainstream audience, and therefore I fear the other changes - a ton more of tutorials? DLC galore? Shooting segments? In-game transactions?

And don't tell me all that is not on the table, Square Enix already announced this FF7 remake will be episodic (!!!!!!!). Why the need to cut down the game to pieces?! Oh. I know. To make the total combined cost more expensive, and finance this expensive remake.

Wait and see...

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