Friday, January 15, 2016

#DeletedScenes - The Steven Universe game the world was not yet ready for...

Did you know we just lost a possible Steven Universe game?

Well, there's already the decent Steven Universe: Attack the Light! for smartphones, but I wouldn't say no to more SU!

Not much is known about this game. But if past Cartoon Network games are of any indications, we either dodged a generic inoffensive little bland game or a very fun retro experience.

I know some of their games have controversial. But I really loved Wayforward's first Adventure Time game and the Psycho Fox-homage the Regular Show one was. After that, sure there has been a few misses...

But what do we really know about this Steven Universe game? Nothing really. Just a couple of screenshots released by one of the developers on twitter:

All I can say is that the game seemed to have charming graphics. Was this the final look or not, like placeholder graphics?

I can see that as another smartphone RPG-esque title... but it could have just as well been a 3DS adventure-action-RPG game! And to be frank this could have been a full console game as well, if Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom brought 2D sprites on major consoles why couldn't Steven do the same?!

Anyways, I'm just sad this was benched since it looked this nice and true to the show...

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