Friday, February 26, 2016

CBR Bravest Warriors Vol. 3

In anticipation of the upcoming Season 3 of Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover, here's the third volume of the comic book series!

Comic title: Bravest Warriors: Volume 3
Art by Mike Holmes
Written by Joey Comeau
Backup features by Ryan Pequin

Published by Boom! Studios inprint KaBOOM!
From August 2014
Lineup Bravest Warriors series
Format: Trade Paperback collecting Bravest Warriors #9-12.

The Bravest Warriors are back in all-new adventures!

"Bravest Warriors" is a popular youtube series on Cartoon Hangover created by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward with Frederator Studios.

It follows the adventures of 4 young brave heroes, the bravest rad warriors there is - named Beth, Chris, Wallow, and Danny. With the occasional help from the 5th unofficial half-mermaid-thing-with-two-brains Plum which was actually originally created for this comic book series.

The companion comic was launched by KaBOOM! Studios, and it has known its fair share of well-deserved popularity on its own as well. It's a pretty entertaining well crafted all-ages title for everyone to enjoy. (Slightly more aimed at "teenagers" than its Adventure Time counterpart.)

The comic is written by Joey Comeau, and illustrated by artist Mike Holmes.

Volume 3 collects issues #9-12 of the run. This time it's mostly short standalone series, there's no big main ongoing storyarc.

This new installment opens with Beth waking up in the middle of the night. She can't sleep. Her subconscious literally tells her to go looking for some smooches in the middle of the night. She ends up finding Wallow in a smooch party with some girls instead...!?

Next up we have a Die Hard-inspired adventure! Chris has to attend a party at this space-plaza. But bad guys crash the party! It's a really funny Pen Ward-take on the classic action film genre. What's Catbug doing in there?! Someone's been taking too many trips to the Holo-John, I see!

The next tale sees Danny and Wallow hosting a magic show at a kids party. Is the mom.. a Werewolf?!

Something lands next to the BW headquarters. It's an All Live Chess Battle Arena!! You don't know about Battle Chess? Two men enter, gun in one hand and chess board in another, one man leaves the arena...

Once more the stories are all very funny and perfectly in tone with the show.

Joey Comeau writes these pretty similar to Ryan North's Adventure Time comics, also making use of very funny little commentaries at the bottom of the pages. Like the AT ongoing series, they're funny 4th wall-breaking comments and sarcastic jabs at the panels above.

Like the previous volume, the book also collects here the backup features from each issue. These shorts stories are this time all written and illustrated by Ryan Pequin. Catbug teaches us how to draw the Bravest Warriors... more or less. The BW play a board game. Another drawing lesson, this time with Impossibear taking over Catbug. The last one sees Danny completely captivated by some new video game, totally zoned out, he can't even hear his friends calling for his help!

There's silly, nonsensical and short. I loved them all!

Finally we have a cover gallery featuring returning artists and big names such as Tyson Hesse, Stephanie Stober, Claire Hummel, Brooke A. Allen, Joe England, Matt Doering, Alexandra Douglass, Kelsey Short, Ian McGinty, Moelle Stevenson and others!

All in all, another solid entry!

Overall, Bravest Warriors Volume Three is another terrific entry in the series. Not only is this comic a great companion to the animated series, but it has already spawned a lot more material than the original show it came from!

It's pretty good. Very funny. And perfectly in style with the cartoon. I wouldn't exactly call it as kid-friendly as Adventure Time's since the source material is aimed at a slightly older audience, but it's another great all-age put out by Boom Studios.

I Recommend book for either fans of the show or if you're simply looking for a good funny light scifi comic read children and adult alike can share!

I give it:
2.5 / 3 Snoopies!

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