Friday, March 4, 2016

#DeletedScenes - Star Wars 1313

With the acquisition of Star Wars by Disney the franchise finally got some life brought into it and several new projects were quickly put into motion.

Sadly, some other older ones got shoved aside and finally scrapped for good.

Not like I have a thing for LucasFilm over Disney - and vice-versa - but I was kinda bummed out a lot of ongoing project that were so close to fruition at both LucasFilm and LucasArts.

Among those projects we won't ever see now (or at least under the form they were originally planned) was a live-action Star Wars anthology television series which had about a 100 episodes already written.

Most notably was a long-in-development action game we only know as Star Wars 1313. This one came so close to release...

It began life as a game that would see players take on the role of a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe, getting to explore the seedy underbelly of Coruscant. It quickly evolved into something far more ambitious, and finally a game starring noneother than Boba Fett.

Which in a way would have made it the spiritual successor of one of my favorite Star Wars games, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter!

Star Wars 1313 went through a fairly long and rough development, changing directions whenever the team, LucasArts, LucasFilm and George Lucas himself brought in new ideas.

But it kept coming along together nicely, which just shows how much passion the people making it had. Despite some great first impressions and even some gameplay footage making it into E3, the game would ultimately be scrapped after Disney bought the license. So without further ado, here's some concept art made Gustavo Mendonca, Bruno Werneck and Jan Urschel which give us a better idea what we were dealing with here.

Just looking at all this gorgeous work give us a better idea what the game was going to be like. And it makes me so sad...

To me it looks like the best Star Wars game we will never get. Not because of what it could have been or failed to be, but just because it actually doesn't exist. From the look of things, we can all dream the dream... Well, some of those pics look a bit too much like Mass Effect for my taste, to be honest.

Here's the sole video of the game, enjoy:

They apparently already had pictured Boba Fett as a protagonist for the game by this point, but they wanted to keep it a surprise for the demo.

Oh well. While I don't doubt Disney wouldn't be against exploring this same idea again, even resurrect it, let's not forget the game license is in the hands of EA for the foresable future. And I doubt they would get that creative...

Sigh. I already regret looking into this game...

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