Monday, March 7, 2016

#Fanmade GHOSTBUSTERS Fancut teaser trailer recut

Alright, I'm starting to honestly get hyped about this film!

This fancut by Bevan Bell fixes a lot of the problems I had with the original official trailer for the new Ghostbusters film. Manly cutting all the plot details, keeping things vague, throwing away the mention of the previous films since it's supposed to be a reboot (none of that "back in the 1980s, 4 scientists saved the world, yadda yadda" thing) while bringing back the original atmosphere of the series. Check this out:

Now, that's more like it!

I still say this looks good. Maybe it's because I watched too much of the GB cartoons and read too many of the comics, but I like the idea of new people being Ghostbusters. It plays into something all of us in the fandom dreamed about: anybody can be a Ghostbuster. Be it the original SNL older generation or the new SNL cast. (And it could have been worse, thankfully we didn't get the likes of Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler in this reboot..)

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