Friday, May 27, 2016

CBR Ghost Vol. 3: Against the Wilderness

With more of her past revealed, Ghost returns to protect her city from all kinds of demons!

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Comic title: Ghost Volume 3: Against the Wilderness
Art by Jan Duursema 
Story by Christopher Sebela

Published by Dark Horse Comics
From February 2015
Lineup Ghost series/Project Black Sky lineup
Format: Trade paperback collecting Ghost issues #5-8.

In 2012, Dark Horse Comics relaunched Ghost through a new mini-series In the Smoke and Din, to much acclaimed success! Shortly after that the adventures of Elisa Cameron began anew through a proper actual new Ghost ongoing series the following year.

In fact it helped them bring several more classic 1990s proprieties from the superhero genre through a new lineup Project Black Sky! With the great success of Ghost''s return, they decided to reboot several other franchises such as X.

After the departure of Kelly Sue DeConnick, Chris Sebela took over writing duties. Sadly Phil Noto could not come back either, he was replaced by Jan Duursema on this volume. This is Ghost Vol. 3: Against the Wilderness!

Volume 3 starts with a new story arc! Following Ghost's defeating Doctor October, Elisa is now starting to uncover her life...

After getting rid of most of the demons invading the city of Chicago, Elisa and her friends locate one last remaining demon who might just be able to become a new source of evil! None other than TV host Von Ghastly, a creepy host of some horror show on cable access who has been developing a cult of his own! Turns out Von Ghastly is one of "them" too!

Elisa had been trying to get back the life she lost, but she's mostly a blank slate and should try to start living again.

But not before resolving the situation with Von Ghastly.. Which might prove more difficult than expected. He's not just some corny TV host who's trying to prevent his program from cancellation!

Meanwhile Elisa is attacked by some mercenary only known as "the Hunter", hired by some mysterious organization. And this guy came prepared, he can even hurt her in her "ghost phase". This bounty hunter got his tech from some black market, and he has learned Ghost's weaknesses!

This will end in a course collision against two separate foes! And this Hunter is after the box that brought Elisa back!

Ghost volume 3 is full of mystery, action and drama!

This new volume written by Christopher Sebela is an interesting new tale.

After facing Doctor October and pretty much most of the other demons, we were left with no idea where the story would go to next. We even explored Elisa's childhood last time. Now it's finally time to start moving forward! Elisa tries at first to create a new identity. And there's a lot of suspense!

She finally gets to face enemies she might lose against! It's an interesting fight on two fronts, against two distinct foes!

There are some revelations regarding the true nature of her abilities. Although we still have no idea about the real nature of the box that brought Elisa back into this world. All the supernatural elements are still pretty fun.

The art is great, although I found the colors a bit inconsistent.

The series also features covers by Jenny Frison. They're gorgeous, although what annoyed me was how much different Von Ghastly looked on the covers compared to the inside pages.

Overall, Ghost volume 3 was a very solid read!

Check it Out, this is one of my favorite current series! Really fun. There's a lot great intense action and some more character development. And we even get treated to some decent original new enemies!

I give it:
2 / 3 FlamingCarrots!

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