Sunday, May 15, 2016

CBR Steven Universe OGN Vol. 1: Too Cool for School

Wait a minute.. you mean Steven never went to school before?!

Let's celebrate the return of the show with a look at a graphic novel!

Comic title: Steven Universe: Too Cool for School OGN also known as Steven Universe: Original Graphic Novel Vol. 1 or simply Steven Universe: Too Cool for School
Art by Asia Kendrick-Horton, Rachel Dukes & Josceline Fenton
Written by Jeremy Sorese

Published by Boom! Studios imprint's KaBOOM! Studios
From April 2016
Lineup Steven Universe series
Format: Original digest-sized graphic novel.

Following the success of the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, Boom! Studios has launched a companion comic book Steven Universe ongoing series by Jeremy Sorese & Coleman Engle.

Like they did with Adventure Time, KaBOOM! finally launched a side series of graphic novels for longer digest-sized books!

This first book titled Too Cool for School was released on April 2016!

Our story begins the day Steven decides to tag along with Connie when she was going to school!

Somehow Steven ended up himself enrolled at Connie's school! At first the other students where making fun of Steven and laughing at him and his tales of space-warrior Crystal Gems. But his positive nature helps him make some friends quickly. But Steven is too much of a distraction to Connie who had been pretty much entirely focused on getting good grades so far.

Meanwhile the Gems are fighting some kinda gem slug-monster! Steven can't wait to bring Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl to his own show & tell!

Steven is loving the whole school experience, discovering dodgeball, getting into food fights, etc.

But the corrupted slug-gem creature finds itself wrecking havoc at school! Steven and Connie must fight the monster to protect the other kids!!

It's a story revolving around the friendship between Connie and Steven! And exploring the idea of Steven's education as well.

The original idea behind this comic came from the supervising director of Steven Universe, Ian Jones-Quartey (the voice of Wallow on Bravest Warriors!).

But due some issues behind the scene it took quite some time to arrive there. Such as the original creative team dropping the project, other were asked to take over to fill in the work. The regular series' artist Coleman Engle was supposed to illustrate this graphic novel as well at first.

The art is beautifully handled by Asia Kendrick-Horton. Like the main SU comics it looks simply gorgeous! Lots of character and expression, quite cartoony while retaining the look of the cartoon.

Rachel Dukes came to help fill-in the last 50 pages to help keep the book on schedule. It's less on model but it didn't take me out of the book, I just wish Asia Kendrick could do the last couple of pages...

It's a really sweet story, with a ton of humor and a great pacing. It feels like an actual episode of the show!

We get to see several familiar faces from the show, such as Sadie, Lars, Lion  and even Vidalia!

There are some funny references to both the show and pop culture.

This book also contains a bonus back-up feature titled "Yard Sale", by Josceline Fenton. A guest artist on the main regular Steven Universe ongoing series. It's pretty short, but sweet. And illustrates another friendship, the one between Steven and the Crystal Gems!

Finally, the whole comic is bound together by a lovely painted cover by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell! Just the cutest!

Overall, this was a very sweet lovely comic.

Any fans and newcomers to the show will surely enjoy this read, Highly Recommended for anyone looking for a fun and funny all-age comic containing a nice self-contained standalone story!

It's Steven Universe's first proper full-length comic book, and it just feels like a proper episode of the show! The art is cute.

It's just the perfect story anyone can enjoy while waiting in-between episodes!

I give it:
2.5 / 3 Snoopies!

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