Friday, May 6, 2016

#Movie NEWS! Power Rangers' costumes revealed

And we finally have a first proper look at the Power Rangers suits from the upcoming reboot movie from Pacific Rim and Godzilla studio Legendary:

Looks like Tony Stark built those suits!

I'm actually fine with this. There's been a lot of hate and complaints about every single minor aspect of these new suits but honestly I was expecting far worse from this reboot. It simply looks like they're taking out the Japanese "Super Sentai" from this propriety to turn it into an American one. Don't expect summersaults over the camera in this film!

Also the armored (boob plate) look is nothing new to the series, in fact these costumes are kind of reminiscent of the other previous American-made Power Rangers movie, the MMPR: the movie.

Plus the most important new design I actually have a lot more fear about, the sole thing the entire film will repose on, will be the giant robots design and the monsters. Now they better not eff this up...

Source: Courtesy from EW.


  1. To me, all the stuff being shown for this movie just make them look as completely different and out there as possible, that all I'm saying is "Look! There's been 25 odd Power Rangers teams over the years. Why not just make these guys completely different characters all together and not just pander to nostalgia and focus on the first series?"
    I dunno.

    1. It's not that far from the original MMPR american movie actually. The added greatiness is kinda what I expected from the studios that made the Godzilla reboot recently.

      It's 100% based around nostalgia for the Mighty Morphin PR series. With what you'd expect from these big budget $$$ reboots.