Friday, June 3, 2016

#DCCOMICSNEWS Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition trailer

There's trailers for home releases now apparently!

If you didn't like the film on the big screen, I doubt this will change any of that. But Warner Bros. has revealed some informations regarding the upcoming Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition. It will be available on a Bluray/DVD combo pack featuring the theatrical and unrated longer cut of the film.

Check that out - New DC Comics logo!

Look at that, will ya! Wonder Woman front and center! I guess the V does stand for Vonder Voman... err, Wonder Woman I mean. I know this will add extended scenes and put Barbara Gordon (played by Jena Malone) back in the film, but did it really warrant the R-Rated cut? Did they add any more blood or nudity? I doubt that. They're probably just riding off Deadpool on that. Anyways, here's a trailer:

But why is it Rated R, though? I would rate it M for Martha.

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