Saturday, July 30, 2016

#Recap #SummerOfSteven WEEK 2 Review

This was more like it!

If I sort of complained by the lack of big storyline-driven episodes in the first week of the Cartoon Network Steven Universe event #SummerOfSteven, this second week had some more world building, introduced a (sort of) new Gem to the cast and got plenty of laughs from me!

Join me in this Summer of Steven event!

This week started off with minor background characters of the show before going back Gem-centric and ending on a sweet tale from Greg's past with Rose.

The week started with a couple of episodes very reminiscent of the type of stories you'd find in the Steven Universe comic book series. I always felt those pizza and fry families were more of staples of the comic book, as in the show they were mostly used as background characters.

It was nice focusing on them like that. That restaurant competition had some fun shonen anime moments which the show was always very fond of. And did you notice all the references in the Kiki episode? A lot of stuff directly nodding to Studio Ghibli (just look at the title, Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service!) and even Gainax! (Look at that beautiful Evangelion-esque ending scenery!)

Finally back to the Gems, which haven't been the focus of this SoS* event so far.

Centipeetle became everyone's new favorite cute Gem. I know the poor Centi's still kind of corrupted for now, but I can't wait to see her back (and her whole gang!!).

(*aside from Pearl in the musical episode!)

Back with more Lapis who had been put on hold lately. She's slowing coming to terms with both humans and Gems, and apparently still only truly befriended Steven so far. She hasn't been the focus like Peridot was, so I guess she's still not officially a Crystal Gem.

We even got a sad turn for Jasper! I kind of feel bad for her, though. It doesn't seem like she understand anything, anymore. (Give her a redemption-arc too, Crewniverse!!)

And finally some more of Greg's past with Rose. Which provided more background and development for Rose actually.

And baby Sour Cream was totally rocking that Brian Posehn voice!

This was a really solid week, probably better than Week 1 in my eyes.

I still think this Season 3 is sort of lacking a true focus, we don't have as clear a goal or direction as Season 2 had (stopping the Cluster!). But I've been enjoying this mix of character-driven episodes. World-building has also been put on hold, but there's hints of it coming back. (Steven's slowly befriended more and more Homeworld Gems!)

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