Saturday, July 23, 2016

#SDCCnews WONDER WOMAN and JLA Comic-Con Trailers

DC Comics released some new teaser trailers for the next upcoming films following Suicide Squad this year!

First up is the first proper look and trailer for Wonder Woman!

This actually.. doesn't look that bad! I like it! And check out, the new DC logo! Neat, I love the vintage look it has. Everything seems interesting. And there's even some touches of humor in the film! That theme song, tho!!

And next up is the first teaser for the film Zack Snyder, David Goyer & co have been working all along, the Justice League movie! Check it out:

They should just have scrapped Batman V Superman all along and go right to this crossover, right away.

I like the tone here, honest! But some stuff looks really bad here, specially The Flash's costume and Cyborg's whole design. And for some reason I was expecting The Flash to say "Super Friends" in that scene.


  1. Wonder Woman I thought looked nifty. Might watch this maybe if it was good.

    Justice League looked like they remembered what fun and levity was, after the disaster that was BvS. If this means we're getting a better movie, I sure, sure, sure hope so!

    1. Justice League really seems to try taking feedback BvS got and try making up for it. (I feel like they should have just scrapped BvS and directly make JL really..)

      WW does look and sound great tho!