Sunday, July 24, 2016

#SegaNEWS Here's a bunch of Sonic news from #SummerOfSonic

Like every year, this past week marked the "Summer of Sonic". And Sega released a bunch of new info for the fans. Mostly regarding the long-rumored next Sonic game.

That's some perfectly timed news for me, since I've been getting back into "the blue blur" and finally playing through Sonic 4. (I plan to finally do Sonic Lost Worlds soon-ysh.)

First up, there's a new teaser regarding Sonic joining the nerd-dream game LEGO Dimensions:

This is actually pretty nice! But like Amiibos and Disney Infinite, I might just be getting the "toy set" and not care about the game-side of the whole thing. Haha :P

Next up, Sega finally revealed one of their upcoming games... Sonic Mania! I dunno why but I immediately think Mickey Mania, with a title like this.

Wow! I wasn't expecting THIS! As someone who actually enjoys Sonic 4 (for all its issues..) this actually looks like the proper Sonic 4 those episodic games should have been like! I love it! Even though it's basically just a huge official Sonic fangame!

And next up, the proper next new Sonic installment following Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost Worlds, a yet unnamed new game:

This certainly seems to confirm the rumors of a Sonic Generation 2! Rumors also say Sonic Boom's Sonic might be a part of this (people love the TV show, but the game was abysmal..). The plot might revolve around time travel, Sonic CD-style, apparently. I don't like the more serious tone though, why does the Sonic Team feel like trying a darker tone every 2-3 Sonic games?! It never works out!!

And that's funny, this is probably the first time I officially saw "NX" mentioned in a game trailer! So I guess that confirms the name of Nintendo's new console, heh?

It looks like Sega totally missed the actual Sonic’s 25th Anniversary, the only game we have this year is another portable Sonic Boom game... but 2017's shaping up like Sonic's big year!


  1. hmmm i didn't see the NX logo yesterday, but its there, yes. But i think this is part of the advertising, the mistery around it, i still think the new console of Nintendo would have another name, but who knows.

    And talking about sonic, the mania looks pretty nice, but the rest seems another try to give sonic more and more bad reputation.

  2. The Sonic Party was at Sonic Boom, not Summer of Sonic. That's still two weeks later. (If it were, you would've seen something else premier, too~~~~~~~~~~)

    But regardless, I'm super stocked for all the Sonic stuff this year and next! (Did you read Sonic Mega Drive by Ian Flynn & Tyson Hesse yet? YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT!) and watching the live show made me excited for all the different things they've shown. (Yes, even the Hello Kitty dolls I liked their look! And Sonic Dash's extra addition was sweet) Of course, season 2 of Sonic Boom is something I look forward to!

    Haven't got Lego Dimensions either, yet, but I sure am likely to buy the toy set regardless, too. They went the extra mile animating Sonic in that game.

    Sonic Mania was the game I always wanted and never thought I'd get! And one done by Christian "Taxman" Whitehead and Stealth (Who have started making fangames, yes, but were responsible for the iOS remasters of Sonic 1 & 2 and the Sonic CD remaster) everybody wanted more remasters/new games by these guys, and now we're finally getting one! These guys surely know how to make a Sonic game, one already full of lots of super obscure Sega references as is! The idea of Sega asking indie creators to help make a big game from the ground up is amazing in itself.

    And the last game, while it's early to know what it's about, but knowing it's practically "Generations 2" while not is fine by me! That game was awesome, and if this plays just like that and adds in Boom Sonic, (if he is in. That woulda been better to announce that here) that'd be super grand!

    With these, the TV show and comic series, it's a good year to be a Sonic fan!

    1. Actually, it sounds like 2017 will be a great year to be a Sonic fan!