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CBR Kane and Lynch (DC Comics)

A retired mercenary and a medicated psychopath team up in a violent journey to survive a hit on their head.

This is their epilogue.
Time to dig out the past, M. 47! Reviews of the Hitman series:

Comic title: Kane and Lynch (2011)
Art by Chris Mitten
Written by Ian Edginton

Published by Wildstorm (issues), an imprint of DC Comics (TPB)/SquareEnix
From June 2011
Lineup Kane & Lynch series
Format: Softcover trade paperback collecting the 6-issue mini-series Kane and Lynch (2011) #1-6.

Announced directly by Hitman creator IO Interactive on May 2010, the Kane and Lynch comic book series was published some time after the release of the second video game. But it's actually directly based on the first game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

It was produced through a partnership between DC Comics and SquareEnix. They worked out a deal to produce a few comic books based on different proprieties they have, including a Deus Ex comic amongst many others and this Kane and Lynch book here.

It's not a direct adaptation of the game's plot. It's a six-issue miniseries that expands upon the scenario of the first game. It was published under the DC Comics imprint WildStorm.

It's a sort of missing chapter featuring the two meanest middle aged hit-men!

The story is a direct continuation of the game. In fact it starts off directly after the canon ending of the game.

Kane, Lynch and Jenny just escaped in the boat at the of surviving the events of the game. Kane & Lynch decide it's best to go their own separate ways.

Kane thought he could live in peace with his daughter Jenny now, but things are about to get a whole lot worse. Jenny can't stand her mercenary of a father and decides to run off. And the bounty is back on their heads, with a backup plan left by The7's legal consultant immediately put in action with the death of all the members during the game.

With this contract on them, Kane & Lynch soon join forces together and bullets start flying everywhere they go. Every assassin in the world is after them now!

The traitor to The7 and this unmediated psychopath decide to work together one more time. Kane wants to put an end to this nightmare and save Jenny while Lynch doesn't really believe you can cut all the heads of the Hydra. But for some reason he's taken a shine to Kane and kinda goes along for the ride.

To take the bounty off them they have to locate the remnants of The7. The money trail leads them around the world, and back to Europe, looking for Osterman. The7's lawyer is behind all this! And she hired a lot of armed forces to ensures she stays at the head of the now-defunct organization!

Can Kane and Lynch finally take a break? Will they clear their names? And can Kane find and protect his own daughter... from himself?! Read on!

This was a surprisingly fun and decent comic book adaptation of Kane and Lynch, they translate pretty well into comic book form. The comic did retain the same frantic action and relentless mayhem!

The series explores the duo in the aftermath of the first game. It really did capture the violence and the essence of the game!

The comic was written by Ian Edginton, actually a pretty good writer for this kind of comic. He has written for all the big publishers from Marvel to DC Comics, Dark Horse, Heavy Metal, Top Cow and many more! He has made a name for himself with a lot of great Aliens, Predator and Terminator comics!

The story is quite action-packed! The action never stops! And you have this doubt the whole time if one of them is gonna double-cross the other...

The art of Chris Mitten is really well suited for Kane & Lynch. It has a great sketchy intensity, a very raw feel and tone. I wouldn't enjoy it as much on, say, on a superhero story. But it just works great with the violent mayhem here!

Finally the series received some gorgeous covers from artist Ben Templesmith, whose mostly known for his work on 30 Days of Night. It really sets the tone here.

Overall, this Kane and Lynch was a pretty fun addition for Kane & Lynch fans!

Well it seems increasingly unlikely we'll ever get a new game, or the long stuck-in-development hell movie adaptation, at least there's this comic book. A pretty good epilogue to the first game! It doesn't even really try to tie into the second game, which I liked. At least it feels more self-contained that way and didn't force to create some crazy links in-between both games like so many of these comics tend to do!

Check it Out if you're a fan! This is a pretty great mature violent comic. I can even see it as a relatively good introduction to the characters.

I give it:
2 / 3 Snoopies!

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