Sunday, August 7, 2016

#Recap #SummerOfSteven WEEK 3 Review

And we're already starting Week 4 of the Summer of Steven!

This third week of the Cartoon Network Steven Universe event #SummerOfSteven was in-tense!! Amy's having some issues, Jasper is hot on the tail of the Gems and one of the original Crystal Gems returned for a week full of thrills, action and adventure!

Join me in this Summer of Steven event!
This week saw a return to the overarching plot, which is a good thing if you ask me with Season 3 slowly coming to an end and it was lacking the overall narrative and focus Season 2 had, in my eyes.

First up Connie went on her first actual proper mission since she began training with Pearl. It was nice to have another Steven & Connie episode after so long.

And suddenly a storyline started to form - Jasper is back! And now apparently collecting (Jaspers?) corrupted Gems! Is she building her own army or just looking for others to fusion with??

After that Pearl and Garnet went looking for Jasper... But Jasper followed our heroes back home to Beach City the next episode!

Stevonnie easily defeated Jasper, finally combining both Steven and Connie's fighting styles in an epic memorable shot (pictured above)!

Amethyst didn't like Jasper's insults. Feeling even more "half baked" than ever, she's growing to dislike Steven who was once the least useful Crystal Gem and now has slowly surpassed her!

This next episode was the logical conclusion to all this - Steven Vs. Amethyst! (It's definitively the year of the "versus", don't you think so? Batman "V" Superman, Avengers vs. Avengers in Civil War, and now even Steven!).

This was a great character-driven episode! Is the situation cool between both our heroes now? I'm not sure. (I mean, Amethyst kept her raggedy look at the end of the episode.. I still fear she might end up joining Jasper at some point...!!)

And finally the week ended with the show's first 2-parter - making up the overall episodes 99 and 100 of the show!

And what better way to celebrate this very special occasion than to introduce another new Gem. But not just any new Gem, like a Homeworld Gem or a Corrupted one. One of the original Crystal Gems, from before Amethyst' time!

Bismuth was a great new character. The episode was full of action, emotion and even a few laughs. It was great to see how much Steven has grown up since SU began. Remember when all of his preoccupations was which donuts to pick? Well, now he's fighting conflicted war veterans! Just.. wow!

Poor Bismuth. I still hope she can come back some day. Maybe learn to rediscover things through Steven. (Maybe there's a way through Steven's "mind-jumping powers"...).

Anyway this was a great turning point. Just the idea of "killing" other Gems, Steven forced to fight one of the good guys and all.

Now I cannot wait to see what the last episodes of Season 3 have in store for us. Remember how Season 1 ended with Jailbreak, and Season 2 with The Cluster? Things are about to get tense!!

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