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CBR Steven Universe Vol. 2


Comic title: Steven Universe: Volume 2
Art by Coleman Engle & Megan Brennan, Rebekka Dunlap, Josceline Fenton, Grace Kraft, Kris Mukai, Evan Palmer, Mad Rupert, Bridget Underwood & T. Zysk
Story by
Jeremy Sorese & various

Published by KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios 
From March 2016
Lineup Steven Universe series
Format: Softcover trade paperback collecting Steven Universe (2014) issues #5-8.

By now most people are already familiar with the show Steven Universe. The cartoon has already a huge fandom and the series has been adapted into all kinds of different mediums, merchandising, toys, smartphone games and, of course, comics!

Like the Adventure Time series, these Steven Universe comics are also published through BOOM! Studios' KaBOOM! imprint. The series was launched on August 2014. The comics act as a companion series to the cartoon, exploring the life of the various supporting characters and life in Beach City. And unlike Adventure Time, for comparison, the stories are rarely interconnected and never spread across various issues. Instead each issue is a collection of various short stories, mini-comics and even a couple of games. 

The main feature of these comics written is written by Jeremy Sorese and drawn by artist Coleman Engle (Regular Show).

This second volume was released on March 2016, it collects issues #5 through 8.

The comic book series sees Steven, Connie and the gems Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl on all sorts of smaller adventures in town!

In our first tale, Steven and Connie decide to have a yard sale to help build a local library in town (since there's no real public library aside from the one from the school which actually just appeared on the actual show recently!). They decide to sell some junk from the storage shed of Steven's dad, Greg. Pearl find all this mess at home and decides to clean the house and force everything her Gem to help out. The problem is.. there was a corrupt Gem among the junk!! And now Pearl is sick!!

The story continues the following issue. Steven and Garnet go inside Pearl's mind Gem to help her out from the inside! Meanwhile Connie stays with Amy watching over Pearl.. Will they keep Pearl calm enough to gave Steven and Garnet some time to heal her?

After that we have a fun little story where Connie wants to share some books with Pearl. She finds a book that resonates with the Gem, the story of Mearl! Pearl gets interested and involved in this fictional character with a life that appears similar to her own story and the Gems! But she takes things too seriously... There's some interesting parallels with Pearl/Rose/Steven.

After that a short tale where Amethyst lets out her wild animal side!

Next we have another epic. A Homeworld Clock Tower gives the Crystal Gems some trouble! Literally! Things get harder than expected when Amy and Steven must make their way bakc on top to help Pearl and Garnet.

Finally a little story about traffic trouble.

The Steven Universe comic keeps being a great entertaining companion book to the show. 

The stories are not as complex as the show's. They're more like cute short distractions. Fun side stories that can take place anywhere in the show, kind day-to-day slice of life of Steven and the Gems.


Each issue also contains backup features from various artists such as Megan Brennan, Rebekka Dunlap, Josceline Fenton, Grace Kraft, Kris Mukai, Evan Palmer, Mad Rupert, Bridget Underwood & T. Zysk. And unlike the Adventure Time comic collections they're all also collected here.

They're all short 2-3 pages tales. All various random little stories. Amethyst trying to help Steven get a hand on his bubble shield powers. Connie hanging out with the Gems while waiting for Steven. Steven spending some time with Onion. Lion annoying Pearl and messing the house. Amy joining Greg for a hot dog contest! Garnet helping Greg with his van stuck on the road. A comic playing off the community about how Onion's "mean look" can even defeat the most dangerous corrupt Gems out there. And finally a great short about Opal's day off. Oh, and Amethyst entering a dog show!!

Coleman Engle's art on the main features is absolutely gorgeous! Kinda cartoonier than the show, but it really suits this book! We also have great art from the different guest artists. Gorgeous work all around as always!

The first story about Pearl getting sick because of a yard sale is the only story spread across 2 issues in this entire comic book series, so far!

This is such a fun unique creative book! The corrupted Gem monsters are all pretty unique and wild, kinda reminiscent of the show's first season. There's a lot of references and allusions to the series, for the fans. And even a bunch of random noticeable cameos, I was able to spot Cartoon Network's own Mordecai from Regular Show and even the cast of the Five Nights at Freddy's games!

We also have the usual cover gallery at the end, featuring regular main covers artist Amber Rogers as well as the lovely works of Grace Kraft, Helen Yoon, Tait Howard, Meg Gandy, Becky Dreistadt and Melanie Herring! Lot of fine indie comics folks!

Overall, Steven Universe Vol. 2 was another solid entry in this series! Recommended Read for any fans out there, it really recaptures the tone of the show!

It's a collection of all sorts of filler stories, they have no real place in the show's ongoing storyline. It's a nice read to help you wait until new episodes!

The comic's first 2-part story about Pearl getting sick was actually closer to the episodes of the show. But usually they're much simpler lighter sweet little stories, a nice break from the current more tense dramatic arcs on show.

Sadly the comic would end with issue #8 on March 2015. That would be the end for the Steven Universe ongoing comic. And just like the show, the comic would then go on a long hiatus. A new one-shot, the Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special, was released shortly after in April 2015. Thankfully the series finally resumed in the form of a new series Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems starting this past March 2016, more closely tied to the current continuity on the cartoon.

I give it:
2 / 3 Snoopies!

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